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In four short weeks, Hogwarts fans will be lining up to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, the last movie in the series based on the great adventure novels of J. K. Rowling, which opens July 15. And in honor of the event, GeekMom has joined with Kodak to give you a chance to show off your magical celebration of this momentous occasion.  For the next month, we’ll be giving away four packages that include the Kodak ESP C310 All-in-One Printer and the Kodak Design Gallery Software featuring Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows™ Part 2! (See entry information below…)

The Kodak Design Gallery Software lets you make your own fun Harry Potter printables using over 300 images and graphic elements. You can use it to make invitations, banners, collector cards, door hangers, posters, and lots more cool printable projects using images from the movies. It also includes a collection of Harry Potter crests, borders, patterns, icons, swatches, and phrases. Using the unique customization tools, you can add your own photos, type in your own text, draw, color, rotate and scale the images to create your own personalized designs. Or select a pre-designed template, add any special touches you want, and just print!

The Kodak ESP C310 All-in-One Printer that will be included with all four giveaways is a wireless printer with an easy Wi-Fi setup. And it’s affordable — it’s priced at $99, and it uses KODAK 30 Series Ink Cartridges with the lowest ink replacement cost in the industry. Like all KODAK All-in-One Printers, the C310 Printer delivers crisp, sharp text documents, brilliant graphics, and KODAK Lab-Quality Photos that dry instantly and last a lifetime.

On Wednesday we’ll be sharing some of the designs made by GeekMom Jenny Williams and her family using the Kodak Design Gallery Software and the Kodak ESP C310 All-in-One Printer. In the meantime, enter to win a Kodak Design Gallery Software featuring Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows™ Part 2 DVD and a Kodak ESP C310 All-in-One Printer of your very own by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post, telling us your plans for the culmination of the great Harry Potter movie series next month! You have until midnight Friday night to enter this week’s drawing. And we’ll have a drawing each week, so you have four chances to win!

We’d also love to see your Harry Potter-related photos and images, so put a link to them in your comment, or just add them to the GeekMom Flickr group! We’ll feature the best in future posts.

And be sure to visit for more Harry Potter goodness over the coming weeks. Thanks to Kodak for inviting GeekMom readers to be a part of their celebration!

(UPDATE: We’ll be giving away four Kodak packages, each with the Kodak Design Gallery Software featuring Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows™ Part 2 DVD and the Kodak ESP C310 All-in-One Printer!)

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56 thoughts on “GeekMom and Kodak Bring You Some Magical Giveaways (Now Ended)

  1. I will be sad that the book and movies are over, but I will remember that my 6-year-old is just getting into the books and movies and know that I have years of introducing him and his little sister to the wonders of the Potter universe! I look forward to seeing it through their eyes, fresh and new!

  2. I LOVE the HP series and all things about it (including the legos)! HP Deathly Hallows part 1 is the only movie I have seen since the twins were born. (They are almost a year!). Part 2 will probably be the only other movie I’ll see for a while, but I will see it on opening weekend! It is bittersweet. I can’t wait for the next movie, but don’t want the ride to end. Good thing the Hobit is in production so there is something to look forward to afterwards. 🙂

  3. I am looking forward to a girls outing…me and my mom to watch the last movie, while my husband stays home to watch the baby.

  4. My husband and I have gone to see every HP movie in the theater, starting when our oldest was a toddler. She is now 11 and has just finished reading all of the books herself! But she has not seen all the movies yet, so husband and I will be getting a sitter and heading out for a date night. 🙂

  5. My husband, 12-year-old daughter and I will be seeing the movie in the theatre. We have the previous movies on Blu-Ray and doing a movie review session in preparation for the new release.

  6. Midnight show all the way. And probably a few more that weekend! I’m starting the earlier movies now in preparation!

  7. We will actually be visiting Orlando the week before the movie is out. My kids- 10 and 16- can hardly wait, and neither can my husband and I! No Disney for us… it’s Universal’s World of Harry for this family.

  8. We are going to watch the movie. We will be rereading the books and watching movies. I will make butterbeer for the kids too.

  9. My plans for Harry Potter include… not much, because I rarely get out to see movies, but I WOULD watch a DVD of it!

  10. I just finished rereading all of the books in order to prepare for the movie. There are about 20 of us planning on going to see the movie together, ages ranging from 5 to 60!

  11. I can’t wait for the last movie. I’m hoping to take my 9 year old to the midnight showing (his first ever) to make this a lasting memory for him. When part 1 came out, we went to a matinee, but he still dressed up and held his little wand up the entire movie. It will be that much more magical for him to be a part of a midnight showing.

  12. I sponsor the Quidditch Club at the high school I teach at so I’m probably going to end up going to see it with them. 🙂

  13. I will likely not go see the movie in the theater. My wife hasn’t read the last two books, and we generally go to movies together. If, by chance, I end up going to the movies by myself or without her, I will likely go see something else that I suspect she wouldn’t want to see, like Captain America or Cowboys & Aliens. But, I’m sure we’ll get both of the last two Potter movies through Netflix.

  14. End? It’s not the end for me! It is just the beginning of my ability to have all day, complete Harry Potter movie marathons!!

  15. I admittedly won’t be doing anything special for the final movie. My sister, however, is practically going nuts waiting for it to come out! I’m fine with waiting for the Blu-ray.

  16. They’re doing a two day movie marathon at a theater 20 min away. I’m thinking I might save some money and have a week-long (one/day) marathon instead.

  17. I’ll actually see the movie opening week instead of waiting for it to come to the discount theater! lol Scenes I’m anticipating the most (we all know these, right?): Molly vs. Bellatrix. Neville vs. Nagini. Ron and Hermione finally getting their first kiss. Oh, yeah, and that bit with Harry and Voldemort at the end. 8)

  18. My husband and I are HUGE HP fans and are looking forward to Part 2 being our first movie we see this summer at our local drive-in. Our son will be two months old and we plan on taking him along for the ride! We may be instilling some geek into him a bit prematurely, but considering he has a Potter-head for a mom and a Dr. Who fanatic for a father, it’s only inevitable he will be following our footsteps.

  19. My daughters and I will be going to see the final HP the week it comes out. We are so excited! The Harry Potter world has been a part of our lives for so many years. The girls are also excited about rumors of possibly more books in the future involving the next generation of Weasleys and Potters. Can’t wait! 😀

  20. We plan to be at a midnight showing! Our 8 year old son has his Ravenclaw Quidditch robe ready to wear. I plan to laugh and cry till it hurts. 🙂 I’m particularly looking forward to Molly vs. Bellatrix.

  21. I am looking forward to actually tracking down a babysitter so that I can see the film in the theater. The last ones, I had to wait for the DVDs…

  22. 21 of us (family, friends, and myself) will be in line very early the morning of Thursday, July 14th, anxiously awaiting this bittersweet moment. We plan to have a HP trivia contest, play a (homemade) HP version of Pictionary, and enjoy Butterbeer while we wait. It will be a great night!

  23. My friends and I (there will be 8-9 of us, including my dad) will meet before hand for plenty of food and watching the other movies (we might have to start a day or two earlier). We will change into our costumes (I’ll be PoA Hermione) and then go wait for two hours for one of the most bittersweet movies ever! Following the movie will be a large sleepover. Harry Potter has been such a formative part of my childhood, and the era is ending- its hard to believe.

  24. We are going on vacation to Hawaii when the movie comes out, but that’s not going to stop us from seeing it! We have already found the nearest theater on the island so we can make it part of our trip!

  25. We’ll be going together as a family to see the movie. My youngest is only four, but he’s grown up listening to the books and watching all the movies. In fact, he and his brother (8) are actually playing Harry Potter Lego for PS right now! We might dress up in robes and bring our wands. 🙂

  26. OH BOY! Can’t wait for this midnight premiere. My cousins, friends, and I already got out tix and are going all out in full HP garbe. I will be going as Luna Lovegood (my costume ROCKS!), my boyfriend as Hagrid, cousin #1 as Professor Trelawney, cousin #2 as Snape, cousin #3 as Ron, friend #1 as Ginny, & friend #2 as Rita Skeeter. The lot of us plan to visit the HP store in NYC before the premiere to gear up. So, we’ll all be equipt with glowing wands and HP goodies to match. We also have been practicing for about a week on our rendition of the Harry Potter Puppet Pals: Mysterious Ticking Noise, which we’re going to sing before the movie ( I have no shame, this is our last chance HP fans!

  27. It’s been a tradition with my sister and I to watch all the HP movies together since the first movie came out. We actually take the day off from work and make it our sister/ HP day!

  28. well, we are already planning harry potter movies over and over and over till the final episode…it will be very sad but exciting how much they have grown. I loved the books and movies and glad she is stopping before it got stupid or silly.

  29. I’m currently re-reading all of the Harry Potter books–I’m on Order of the Phoenix right now. Hoping I can finish Deathly Hallows before the midnight premier!

  30. Ever since our baby was born last fall, our usual “must watch movies on night of the premier!” habits have gone down the drain. BUT since this is Harry Potter, and since we’re such great fans of the series, I have already asked my mother to babysit on the Sunday after the premier so that we can still get our HP fix on that weekend.

    P.S. — I have already re-read all the books and re-watched all the movies in anticipation of the last movie! And I am sincerely hoping that a HP Trivial Pursuit will be on its way soon. (I can only assume that they were waiting until the last movie was released so that they could include clips of it in the game!)

  31. We’ll wait til the crowds shrink a bit to see the last movie, but in honor of the series ending we’re going to have a send-off party by watching Wizard People and having appropriately-themed (to the best of our abilities) snacks.

  32. The harry potter extravaganza is about to end, and it feels like the end of the world. I know this will have an emotional toll on myself and everyone who grew up with it. Since the movie comes out in less than a month, I have read the last book of the deathly hallows to refresh my mind for when I watch the movie. I have been watching all the movies, in order, to make sure I don’t miss anything. I tend to watch the movies a couple times a week to prepare myself for the end.

  33. I am so excited about this, especially with all the new fun surrounding Pottermore 🙂 I usually see the film first night, but my son will be at Scout camp that week. We have been fans since he was five and we started reading the books together. 10 years later, we still share this connection, so I will be good and wait until he is home. Then we are there! I might have to make him shower first, though 🙂

  34. Although I never bothered to read the books, I found the movies to be amazing.

    Although I rarely bother to watch movies in theaters anymore, I’m going to go see this one as soon as I can.

  35. We will probably go to the very showing we can! Our older son even looks a lot like HP! We have read the books and I pretty much counted on having two films for the final book as she really had a lot of loose ends to tie up (she could have done two books instead of one)! I hope that there are a lot of spin-off books in the Harry Potter universe — as there have been some good ones for Star Wars, etc.

  36. With no sitter mom and dad will be taking turns seeing the last movie. Not ideal but still can’t wait.

  37. My wife and I are planning on finding a babysitter for our toddler and going to the midnight showing. She hasn’t missed a midnight showing since the movies started coming out, and I have made it to most of them myself. We are adults with our own family now, but this will be the culmination of something that we’ve been experiencing through the books and movies since our childhood. It’s going to be EPIC.

  38. I’ll be heading there with my son, we have been reading each book, then watching the corresponding movie afterward. we are very much looking forward to the last film, and we’ll probably see it more than once.

  39. We’ll probably be taking advantage of an early show one weekend morning to beat some of the crowds.

  40. Since I have never missed a midnight showing since the movies started, and have read the books more times then I care to admit, I am a proud Harry Potter fan and since my husband and I have a little geek girl we can not wait to share the magic of Harry Potter with her when she is a few years older. When I was pregnant I read the 1st and 2nd book to her and she loved them, she would kick like crazy when I would stop. I’m so sad to see the series end. Classics!

  41. We are going to be putting on a Hogwarts feast and then going to the midnight movie as a group. Currently we have 17 people scheduled to go.

  42. My kids are still a little young for HP, but I’m really looking forward to when they come of age and we can go through the books and movies without the long waiting time in between each installment!

  43. Our entire family will take in the last movie together. My son is now old enough, and has caught up finishing all the books and seeing all the movies.

  44. Having kept her from watching ANY Harry Potter movies for the last 5 years we will be visiting AMC to watch the marathon and my little one will experience the whole series on the big screen. Totally worth it.

  45. My son and I will go. We will share some popcorn and enjoy the movie, while he complains about how much the book is different then the movie. He loves the books.

  46. My daughter, who is 15, and I will go to the midnight viewing of the last Harry Potter movie, well prepared with a box of tissues, because we know we will be an absolute mess. We’ve been going to the midnight viewings since she was old enough to stay awake past midnight, and it’s really sad to think this will be the last HP movie we’ll be able to do this. Afterwards, we will most likely curl up on the couch in the living room and go over every single detail, from our favorite moments, to the things that broke our hearts, until we finally pass out from exhaustion. It will be a truly epic experience!

  47. My family has a tradition of always going to the midnight showing together. One year, we even let the boys go on a school night as a treat, let them sleep in the next day and then checked them into school late! It was worth it – my youngest son Sammy had dressed up as Dobby for the costume contest the theater had and he won first prize! We will all be sad that the movies are ending, but with all of the books, movies, and audio books, the world of Harry Potter will live on in our household. The last ten years have given me the chance to document all of the fun times we have had in the Harry Potter world, and I have so many wonderful pictures of my kids and their friends dressing up and playing “magical wizardry like in Harry Potter.” We even used to have themed family nights where we would watch a HP movie, play the HP Scene It? game and I would make butterbeer and other yummy themed snacks. We will miss it all, but it will never truly end for us!

  48. I’ll be dressed up with a wand seeing the last movie the day it comes out with a bunch of friends. Later we’ll go to a local trivia night which will only be about HP. And lastly I’ll continue saving up to go to the WWOHP.

  49. I’ve listened to the audio books again earlier this year to prep for the last movie. My wife, bless her, managed to cop some tickets to a private showing the day before the official release.

    We can’t wait.

    1. The above man is my father, and I wholeheartedly have become obsessed with Snape this year. Seriously, I built friendships off of that sole fact. I reread the books, read all of the things that one should not do at Hogwarts, watched A Very Potter Musical, and am planning out my Bellatrix costume for the movie.

  50. I didn’t have any plans until I read the comments and now, I think I have too many! See it with my son – he grew up on Harry Potter, have a Harry Potter themed party, read the books and/or watch the movies before the seeing Part II…

  51. My kids and I read each of the books, then watched each movie during a family movie night. We plan on re-watching each movie, then going to see the final one at a theater.

  52. I know this sounds silly but Harry Potter books and films have been a must read/see for DH and since the first book.

    We never missed a movie premiere either. That is until our daughter was born. It took us forever but we finally saw the last film in its entirety and without interruptions.

    It was a special treat for us.

    We are pregnant with #2 and we promised each other that we will see the last film next month together and it will be a date of sorts for us.

  53. We’re re-reading the books. Plus, we’ll watch a marathon of Potter Puppet Pals!

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