Behind: Short Film Has Your Back(pack)


I never had a security blanket or binky or precious stuffed animal growing up, and I often wondered if I was missing something special. I had books, to which I had a similar devotion, but I had no single object as my constant companion. Unless you count my backpack.

Until adulthood, I can’t remember a day of my life that I didn’t carry a pack of some kind with me. It all started with a green pencil box that I toted everywhere until the rabbits faded and the cardboard started to crumble in my hands. Next, I carried a little red suitcase. Everywhere I went.

When I started school, I had to trade in my adorable luggage for something more practical, but that’s when my life as a tortoise began. Food, tools, books, spare clothes, and toys. From kindergarten well in to adulthood, I wore a tiny apartment on my back almost every waking moment. I nearly cried when my doctor told me I had to quit or risk permanent damage.

It was hard to adapt to life without a backpack. For a while, I blew out the pockets of all my jeans trying to avoid real separation by shifting my center of gravity lower. A futile effort, but you can’t blame me for trying.

These days, my iPhone is my constant companion. It contains an entire wing of my library and it fits in my pocket, but sometimes I still miss my old portable home. Which is why I whooped with joy when I discovered the following short film about a little girl and her beloved backpack. Even those who never formed attachments to their own carryalls can appreciate how important it is for children to believe that someone – or something – always has their back.

‘Behind’ by Ga Young Back

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4 thoughts on “Behind: Short Film Has Your Back(pack)

  1. I have to say I was skeptical. A three minute film that could have any plot line at all? But by the two minute mark I was fighting tears. What a precious movie! Thanks for sharing!

  2. So true about the importance of a backpack. Both my husband and I live with our backpacks everywhere we go almost. My last backpack I had so long the zippers wore out and I had it safety pinned together because I just didn’t want to give it up. Now I have one that I love for all the compartments, but am not fond of the color, perhaps I will figure out how to dye it someday.

    Sorry you had to give up carrying one, I can’t imagine going without mine.

    1. I cheat sometimes and wear a pack – most often in spring or fall when the weather can’t decide if it’s coat season or sweater season – but I have to keep it light. If I carry anything over a pound longer than fifteen minutes, numb spots erupt all over my back and neck. But it’s okay. I’ve really learned to condense and to plan ahead so I don’t need to carry as much stuff with me.

      Ah, safety pins. They’re like duct tape for fabrics. I’ve used those for emergency repairs, but once I blew out the bottom of one backpack and rather than replace it, I covered it with a quilt of patches. It turned out stronger than the original. 🙂

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