12 Days of Awesomely Geeky Gifts: Behold, the iPod Nano (Plus iPod Shuffle Giveaway!)

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Personally, I find gifts that you can share to be the most satisfying. I’ve never been the kind of mom to cling to gadgets and keep them from my kid; heck, he’s got to learn somehow. Sure, things can be expensive, I understand that. But gadgets — even the coolest ones — when used with supervision, can be gateways into learning and creative expression. While I’m not letting my son run around like a crazy person with my Droid X, I still make sure I give him plenty of time to cozy up to it.

That said, the iPod Nano is a perfect gateway gadget for kids. And it’s a perfect gadget for moms. Let’s address the kids, first.

Music is important. Nay, essential, to life. And I believe giving kids the chance to explore music on their own terms helps with their development. Granted, parents need to be involved. But one of the things I’ve enjoyed with my son is watching as he decides which music he likes best (so far he loves Steve Miller Band and Tom Petty). And the Nano is great for him for a number of reasons. It’s got volume control, so little ears are protected from loudness. It’s got an iPod-like navigation screen (so little and adorable) that shows album art and can even display photos. It’s small enough for their hands, but super responsive, too. It’s also reasonably priced.

For moms, the Nano goes beyond just music. It’s got a pedometer, a radio tuner, and all those photos and interactive multi-touch features are great for us, too. A splendid companion for working out, it’s so much more portable than the full-sized iPods that it actually makes a jog feasible. Now if only the Nano could also also act as a time-bending device, I might actually have enough hours in the day to go for a run.

At any rate, you can get the iPod Nano just about anywhere. In my opinion it’s an excellent gift for anyone on your list.

And while I don’t have an iPod Nano to give away, I do have a beautiful blue iPod Shuffle that’s looking for a new home. What do you have to do to get this delightful piece of technology? Just tell me what song you will never tire of, and I’ll choose a winner at random. U.S. residents only; you have until Friday!

… go!

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30 thoughts on “12 Days of Awesomely Geeky Gifts: Behold, the iPod Nano (Plus iPod Shuffle Giveaway!)

  1. That’s an easy one “Trying to Find Purpose” By Vertical Horizon… my first dance at my wedding 🙂

  2. Behold the Lamb of Gob by Andrew Peterson. Always encouraging and always just what I need to hear! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  3. The Island-Come & See/The Landlord’s Daughter/You’ll Not Feel The Drowning by The Decemberists. How can you go wrong with at 10+ minute song?

  4. Yoda by “Weird Al”. Really, most anything by “Weird Al.” He’s basically a geek phenomenon. Listening to music with my kids has also changed me — my temporary favorite is Keller Williams’ “Hulahoop to da Loop”

  5. “Before It Breaks” on Brandi Carlise’s Give Up The Ghost album (really the whole album could be on repeat and I would never tire of it).

  6. “Touch, Peel and Stand” by Days of the New. I love it, and I don’t know why but it reminds me of Christmas.

  7. “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” by They Might Be Giants never fails to make me happy. Every time I hear it, I have to bop along.

  8. Love by Nat King Cole. During Christmas, though, it’s replaced by Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

  9. My favorite non-funny (i.e. not Weird Al) geek song is Marcy Playground’s “A Cloak of Elvenkind.” Can listen to it endlessly.

  10. I hate to admit it, but I never get sick of Candy Man by Aqua. Probably good thing since that album is my 12yo daughter’s favorite album!

  11. I will never tire of Stevie Nicks’ Landslide. Her voice is hypnotic and the words almost make me cry each time.
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

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