Judy Berna Judy

Judy Berna is the amputee wife of an archaeologist, the mother of four children, ages 13-22, and the author of her first book, "Just One Foot: How Amputation Cured My Disability." After living in NH, MO, D.C., UT and NY, she and her family have finally settled in a mountain town in Colorado.

Local Fruit For Free

Are you filling your grocery cart with autumn fruits and vegetables? What if you could go pick your own...for free?

The LegsGo Company Creates More Cool Prosthetic Covers

Have you been enjoying the series of posts GeekMom Judy has been sharing with us, about new prosthetic cover ideas? Here's another company, with themed designs, including Ferrari and Kill Bill.

The Freedom Cover – A Great Answer For Prosthetics And Orthotics

The next post in a series GeekMom Judy is doing about new options in the world of prosthetic leg covers. This product works for prosthetics, but also changes the look of leg braces.

UNYQ: The Price of Prosthetic Covers Is Coming Down!

The next post in a series that GeekMom Judy is writing, about the new options available to amputees when they no longer wish to hide their prosthetic limbs. The design options are incredible, and finally becoming ...

Boom Urchin Speakers and Microsoft Surface Pro 2: Two New Electronic Items That Rule My House

Ever look around and realize you're surrounded by handy products you didn't even know you needed this time last year? GeekMom Judy shares two products she'd rather not live without.

How ChicoBags Changed The Way I Live

How hard is it to really change a family's habits? When one family tried giving up plastic bags, having the right tools helped them succeed.

BeSpoke Innovations: An Artistic Take on Prosthetics

Now that prosthetics have become more functional, it's time for them to become beautiful.

A Summertime Tour of New Prosthetic Designs

With the increase in temperatures comes the switching from long pants to shorts. For an amputee, this might be more difficult than you think. Join us in exploring the fun new options in prosthetic design.

Sure, it's a love story about two teens with cancer. But did they get the details right?

Nothing But The Truth: A Book About Transitions

Do you ever feel like you're the only one facing the challenges that greet you in the morning? Here's a book, written by 73 women, who will help you feel a little less alone.