A 3D Lesson in Animation!

Photo: Eye Think Inc.

Looking for a unique toy that will keep your kids busy for hours? My friend Rufus has a new creation that you’re going to love.

The Family GoPro Camera Has Finally Arrived!

Photo: GoPro

Have you heard all of the great reviews for GoPro cameras and always assumed they were too expensive and/or more suited for filming super athletes? GoPro has a new model that might change your mind.

Black Cats Mean Halloween

Photo: GeekMom Judy

Do you have a black cat running around your house? Join the club! So do many of the GeekMom writers!

Local Fruit For Free

Photo: Fallingfruit.org

Are you filling your grocery cart with autumn fruits and vegetables? What if you could go pick your own…for free?

UNYQ: The Price of Prosthetic Covers Is Coming Down!


The next post in a series that GeekMom Judy is writing, about the new options available to amputees when they no longer wish to hide their prosthetic limbs. The design options are incredible, and finally becoming affordable.

How ChicoBags Changed The Way I Live


How hard is it to really change a family’s habits? When one family tried giving up plastic bags, having the right tools helped them succeed.