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Check Out This Amazing Steampunk Quilt

Check Out This Amazing Steampunk Quilt

I can’t get over how amazing this quilt is. A while back, I started a steampunk Block of the Month quilt project. I ended the project after only six months (I still hope to finish it) but that didn’t stop Becky Prior from using the February block as part of an elaborate steampunk quilt. Read More


April Block of the Month: Airship

It’s time for April’s block of the month in our steampunk quilt. This month we’re sailing on an airship. No worries about physics or how much weight must be at the bottom of that massive thing. I’m sure there’s a gear-driven anti-grav device powering the ship behind the scenes. And flapping those wing-fins for no… Read More

February Block of the Month Quilt: Steampunk Goggles

It’s time for February’s block of the month in our GeekMom steampunk-themed quilt. t’s never too late to get started, and it’s never too late to get caught up. This month, the pattern is a steampunk staple – the hat with goggles. Whether you’re using them to go racing in experimental vehicles or weld together mad science inventions, you really can never have enough goggles. Read More