Primo: A Mathematical Board Game

Primo: A Mathematical Board Game

GeekMom Helen plays Primo, a mathematical board game. Read More


A Social Network for Women Facing Breast Cancer

MyHealthTeams announced today its release of a new social networking site, MyBreastCancerTeam or MyBCTeam, is designed specifically for women facing a battle with breast cancer. The site is open to women currently receiving treatment, those recently diagnosed and even those who are 15+ year survivors. MyBCTeam uniquely allows women to come together, find others by age, location or even by diagnosis and treatments. I’ve often heard the best and easiest advice to hear is from someone who is/was going through exactly what you have had to go through. MyBCTeam provides these women a network to share stories, treatment tips, doctor referrals, scarf fashion trends, current research studies, fears, inspiration and day-to-day support. Read More

Photography Snapshot: The Power of Lenses

This article is the third in a series teaching the basics of photography. We started by learning about the properties of light and how an image is created, we also learned how a lens bends light to focus individual rays into a single bright image. This lesson we are going to finish learning the scientific theory of lenses and how to use lenses for magnification in addition to brightness. Read More

My First Designer Handbag and It’s for My Camera!

In a house full of boys, I rarely indulge in items specifically for myself. When I do, they have to be durable and practical. I am a photographer, my camera bag is always stuffed to the gills with camera bodies, lenses, filters, flashes, reflectors, my laptop, and various other things. Up till now I have been happily using a Tamrac Adventure 9 Photo/Computer Backpack. As you might imagine, the backpack had gotten extremely heavy to carry all of my gear when I headed out to a shoot. I was on the look out for a smaller bag that could hold my camera, an extra lens, my phone, and wallet; the bare essentials for a shoot. When I received my Dre Hartmann Cameron Hobo DSLR Camera Bag in the mail, I was impressed but intimidated. It’s white, it’s trendy, and it’s designer. I’ve never been a designer handbag carrier, as a mom I’ve always been terrified of carrying a bag that my kids could ruin by spilling juice on or dragging through the grass. I’m proud to admit that I am a complete convert; seriously I’ll never go back. I absolutely adore this bag. Read More

ioShutter: Control your DSLR with your iPhone

I sometimes wish that my iPhone was my remote control for everyday life. I want it to do everything for me, or at least make life easier. Ever since I started taking an interest in photography, I’ve wanted to be able to link my iPhone to my DSLR camera to extend my reach and take self portraits. As you can imagine, I was thrilled when I received a review copy of the ioShutter cable to try for myself from Photojojo (a photographers haven of awesomeness)! Read More