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GeekMom and Kodak Giveaway: Thanks and Congrats to Our Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered our contest over the last four weeks. What a whirlwind! Last week’s winner is Trishden (and while I’m always team Weasley I can understand that there’s just something about Severus…) With the movie breaking records around the world, we sure hope our lucky winners will be proclaiming their Potter fandom… Read More


Harry Potter Week: Harry Potter GeekFest in Times Square

If you find yourself in the middle of Times Square with a fellow GeekMom, what should you do? Why, you should apparate yourself right over to Discovery Times Square to see Harry Potter: The Exhibition of course. Last week that’s exactly what GeekMom Corrina and I did. We dug deep into our respective vaults at Gringotts… Read More

Week Four of the Kodak and GeekMom Giveaway is Here!

Wow, it’s hard to believe that we’re already in week four of our Kodak and GeekMom giveaway! We’ve been busy putting our own printers to work (which were given to the four editors, Jenny, Kathy, Corinna, and myself) provided by Kodak (you can learn about my favorite Harry Potter character later this week and the… Read More

Geeks We Love: Daniel Radcliffe

He’s the embodiment of The Boy Who Lived, and for that alone Daniel Radcliffe is a geek we love. On this episode of Graham Norton, though, Daniel Radcliffe shows just how geeky he is when he cites Tom Lehrer as a personal hero, and proceeds to sing “The Elements.” Read More