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Geeks Among Us – From Research Lab to High School Classroom

We’ve had fun bringing you our new series, called Geeks Among Us. You’ve learned about an archaeologist, an empowered girl, and a pretty cool website for the eternal young adult.  Our next installment introduces you to a cancer research scientist who left the lab, and decided to make an impact on others in a different… Read More


What’s in a Name? Amber Bird Geeks Out

What’s in a Name? Amber Bird Geeks Out

Science fiction author Amber Bird has been making some waves lately with her debut novel, ‘Peace Fire.’ Ernest Cline, the bestselling author of ‘Ready Player One,’ calls her book “A smart, fun, fierce tale of geek revolution and high-stakes adventure.” This week on Geek Speaks…Fiction!, Amber tells us what made her geek out while writing it! Read More

Music Week: On Orchestra Geekery

Okay, so there are orchestra geeks. (When I was a kid, we didn’t categorize our geekdom so specifically, or at all, or even think of geekdom as a thing, but that’s a post for another day.) But what do you call someone who’s in an orchestra, but not even very good? Not enough of a musician… Read More