T-800, Terminator, #lovewins

#LoveWins Among Geeks Too

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In 2004, I flew to Dallas for a romance writer’s conference and I knew there was one place I had to visit: Zeus Comics.

I’d heard about the store from Gail Simone’s forum on Comic Book Resources and drafted a friend into coming with me. I shouldn’t have worried about dragging her along because she loved the store and went home with some hard-to-find Invader Zim merchandise and a monster DVD imported from Japan. I went home with a Green Lantern jacket and I also had a nice talk with the owner of the store, Richard Neal, one of the forum regulars.

So I was thrilled yesterday to see this news items from Dallas, in which Richard Neal and his husband, Chris Williams, were finally legally married.


And, hey, the T-800 approves as well.

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