Planner Geeks Unite for an Organized 2015

Image source: Julie Tiu
Mom’s Weekly Planner or Day Planner, what do you use? Image by Julie Tiu

Did you have an assignment notebook when you were younger? I loved mine. It was a beautiful example of collage and an altered book before I even knew what that was. I would doll up my August-to-August Chandler’s Assignment Notebook (Chicago-based company in the 1940s and closed in 1995) with stickers, drawings, and cut-outs from magazines stating my teenage pride and angst. Clear packing tape was my adhesive of choice. I color coded everything with my Stabilo Boss highlighters. Of all the journals I ever owned, I wish I kept those.

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These were my favorite highlighters back in the 1980s | Image Source:

I gave up the Chandler’s Notebook, and graduated to a university-sanctioned notebook (AKA free). Then Day Timers and Franklin Planners came along in the workplace. I was a young professional and I didn’t think to accessorize my planner, to make it fun and colorful, except for the occasional highlighter and red pen for deadlines.

Fast forward to today. We’re all familiar with using regular calendars to plot our busy days as parents, and I’m not knocking online or electronic calendars. I just love paper! I’ve used a Mom’s Planner for the last three or four years. Mom’s calendars or planners have space for listing all family members activities. Next year I’m going back to my Franklin Planner (picture above)… and going back to making it my own. I’m so excited that I already started decorating. Lately I’ve been using washi tape and stickers to make the pages pop. Three inch by four inch cardstock (i.e., Project Life scrapbook cards) are used as weekly reminders or just inspiration. I was inspired by a pen friend who shared some of her paper goods. (A scrapbooker, I am not–but I will paper craft!)

Washi tape, plannerjunkie, plannergeek
Washi tape (paper tape) can be used to embellish your planner. Image by Julie Tiu
Image source: Julie Tiu
Geek out and pull your crafty tools to decorate your planner. Image by Julie Tiu
Christmas- and holiday-themed tape for a December week. Image by Julie Tiu
Planner embellishments, Julie Tiu
A planner is a great place to use up stickers and supplies you may be hoarding. Image by Julie Tiu

Now there are companies like:

  • Filofax (origin: loose-leaf system to hold engineering data in a small portable binder, file-of-facts);
  • kikki.K;
  • Blue Sky (check out Sugar Paper); and
  • Erin Condren Design (maker of Life Planner).

These have exploded in popularity among planner geeks. You can also find upscale planners by Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, and Tory Burch. So why are agendas and planners so popular? They’re just calendars in journal form, right? In the end what it holds is our life in progress, so why not make it personal and fun.

You’d be amazed at the variety and enthusiasm people have for their planners! Just try searching these keywords on Instagram or Pinterest: #plannergeek, #plannernerd, #planneraddict, #plannerlove, #plannerjunkie. You can also try looking up #filofax, #filofaxlove, #kikik, #erincondren, and #simplifiedplanner.

Are you a planner geek? How do you organize your calendar? We’d love to know!

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