‘Geekasaurus’ Feb. 28, 2018 – Reboot

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Today, we’re celebrating! Time to toot the horn about having completed 20 weekly webcomics AND blast the party cannons for my first post here at GeekMom. I am so excited to be a part of this amazing family. Seriously, today is a day for cake and some sort of fizzy beverage, preferably the kind that goes pop when you open the bottle!

Geekasaurus is a weekly webcomic that highlights the adventures and antics of my nerdtastic family, starring my husband, my ten-month-old daughter, and yours truly. Yup. All the stuff – both good and bad, including made-up words – wanders in here somehow sporting bright, bold colors, like magic. With a tiny Dinosaur as inspiration, what could go wrong? So far, I’ve documented misheard mishaps, a future of fantasy roleplaying games, and a worrying experience with heart surgery. I haven’t pulled any punches.

I like to think that we are just like all the other geeky families out there. We watch a bunch of science fiction. There is a room in our basement containing over 1,000 board and card games. Sometimes we practice card tricks on the weekends. In this house, robots are our friends, we bring home about 20 library books a week, and our local makerspace is utilized as a proton pack build and repair station.

We go to local conventions a lot as a family, often cosplaying as Ghostbusters. The Dinosaur attended her first convention a couple of months after she was born and has joyfully played amongst the crowds of geeks ever since. We often get asked if the other cosplayers frighten her, and the short answer is “no.” The long answer is, “Nope! She loves hanging out with Deadpool, Hellboy, The Beast, Cylons, Jedi, pirates, Batman, Wonder Woman …” and I don’t think that list is going to end anytime soon. If anything, we have to pull her away from all the action. Each day is a battle with FOMO (fear of missing out, just in case you’re like me and not hip to all the current lingo). Meanwhile, I smile and nod while fighting off tiny frequent panic attacks as I walk across the vendor floor just to admire all the pretty dice. Go figure.

So, that’s us in a nutshell. We’re just another average family of geeks living life to the nerdiest. My husband has a slight addiction to wizard t-shirts. We’ve got a tiny Dinosaur who roars at small animals. Sometimes I paint superhero emblems on my fingernails. And I’m going to keep documenting every geekerrific moment in comic form. Allons-y!

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