The Wonder of Wonder

Last week Andrea Schwalm wrote a great post about the Solar Decathalon in Washington, D.C. I was really tempted to make the field trip, but rationality took hold and I decided against another trip to D.C. this year. (Read about the last time I drove to D.C., for what I call The Accidental Holiday.) Instead… Read More


Nourish Yourself with Strange Fruit

This past weekend my son and I spent time at the 18th annual Lotus World Music & Arts Festival, and we both agreed that the single most engaging piece was Strange Fruit. Lotus is better known for its music acts. I loved dancing with the Swedish hip-hop boys, Movits!, I was swept away by the… Read More

In Praise of Sunflowers

Sunflowers grow so easily where I live that the plants volunteer every year where the parents dropped their seeds the summer before. The variety in my garden springs up eight to ten feet with leaves bigger than my hands. They’re very dramatic, and I love them. But, early in the summer my sunny garden plot… Read More

The Science of Happiness

Once upon a time, long before parenthood was on my radar, when I was young, single and training to be a city Metro driver, a crotchety old-timer on the fleet taught me to smile at each and every passenger who stepped onto my trolley. Read More

Reversible Metabolic Hibernation

Q. What do Russian peasants and a Swedish radiologist have in common? A. They have experienced reversible metabolic hibernation. In the case of the peasants, they self-induce a hibernated state throughout the winter on an annual basis to avoid starving to death. In the case of the radiologist, she was trapped in icy water for… Read More

Time for the Big Sex Talk

Picture this: A beautiful, 16-year-old girl, a bright A-student, a good kid, my daughter. Her main extra-curricular activities are the marching and jazz bands, and now she’s been dating her first love, another band geek, for almost one year. He’s adorable, funny, and a true gentleman. What a relief that my girl is sweet on… Read More

The Art of Hibernation

What this sci-fi geek loves most about hibernation and winter denning is there is considerable research being done with the intention of applying similar metabolic changes to humans to help them cope with space travel.

Because there are physiological and psychological advantages to snoozing through multi-year-long trips, induced hibernation may be just the thing for future astronauts. Read More

Wonder Woman Returns to Television

Wonder Woman, the Amazon warrior princess, defined female power decades before Xena became a pop-culture phenomenon. As beautiful as she is strong, Wonder Woman is also known for her extraordinary mental powers, including wisdom, profound scientific insight, and fluency in all languages, including Martian. (Who knew? A little quick research revealed she’s also been known to speak caveman.) Read More