Dragon Con 2022 Photoshoot Roundup

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Poring over endless con photos is fun, no argument. But sometimes you find yourself saying, “Do you remember that great ____ cosplayer at the con?” or “Oh, I didn’t see any _____ costumes!” and you need an album. One of the great things about Dragon Con is the many people willing to organize and many photographers willing to shoot the cosplayer photoshoots for nearly every group imaginable.

This year the weather chased away a few, but the vast majority were still on! (And a few shot anyway and didn’t let a little rain get them down.) Here’s a roundup of as many of those albums as we could find. The next time someone asks you, “What kind of things are at Dragon Con?” you can just show them this list. There’s a little cosplay for everyone. Thanks to all the organizers, photographers, and cosplayers who spent hours and hours of work to make them happen!

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