Fund This! Hackaball, ‘Forgotten Colors,’ ‘Chainmail Bikini,’ Dungeon Blocks, and Pancakebot!

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This week I have an exciting line up! Hackaball is a creative, programmable ball that kids can play with and personalize their own games, Dungeon Blocks for your little geek (although who are we kidding) while the beauty of the Forgotten Colors artwork is for a more contemplative, relaxed time of day. I also found a wicked anthology of comics about female gamers, which I plan to read while PancakeBot makes my breakfast for me. In the shape of a chainmail bikini, please.

Happy Funding!

Photo courtesy of Hackaball

Hackaball: A programmable ball for active and creative play

The premise is quite simple: It’s a ball kids can program with an app to design their own games and more, integrating technology with physical movement and play. My son wants one to play with at the kid raves he hosts, and I can see how fun the possibilities look to him. He doesn’t like a lot of tech toys in general, so his interest is saying something!


Photo courtesy of Forgotten Colors

Forgotten Colors: A limited edition art book for all ages

I love picture books. I even collect them. This project caught my eye primarily with its gorgeous illustrations, but diving deeper I was warmed by the exceptional and humorous focus on storytelling.

This book is about channeling your convictions to change the future, accepting differences, questioning received knowledge, and respecting others… and doing it with a smile! The aim? To build a fairer, more compassionate and braver world.

I can’t think of anything better to put out into the world at the moment.


Photo courtesy of Chainmail Bikini

Chainmail Bikini: The Anthology of Women Gamers

An anthology of comics by and about female gamers? Hell yeah. As the reigning Halo champion in our family, I would like to point out that there are very few tangible examples or accurate portrayals of women’s experience in gaming. In fact, it is a bit of a pet peeve of mine that people have often assumed that I am a reluctant gamer, participating only due to my children’s passion. Um, nope. While it’s true that my kids have exposed me to new games, my gaming interest and experience are my own and unique. Bravo to Chainmail Bikini for visually representing the diversity and complexity of women gamers!


Photo courtesy of zheng3

Dungeon Blocks

3D-printable ABC blocks representing fandom and geekery. Sure, it’s for the kids. Also, he wants to incorporate trap doors, stairs, passageways, and more. Open source, completely hackable, and I get a coloring book too. I’m in, not just because this is cool, but also because Jim Rodda has done awesome things for the 3D printing community!


Photo courtesy of PancakeBot


Because why the heck not.

A quick survey of my family on what they would print first: the Hydra symbol, Cthulhu, The Millenium Falcon, Ballet Slippers, and a pancake selfie.

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