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extraGEEKtacular activities - Rolling Robots
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Extrageektacular Activities are geeky field trips that encourage your child’s creativity and are a fun time for the whole family!

If dogs are man’s best friend then surely robots are a close second. Hm, what about robot dogs? The possibilities are endless with robotics. If your child has a love for technology, they don’t have to go all of the way to the Toshi Station to pick up power converters…they can simply head over to Rolling Robots!

Rolling Robotos Technology Workshop
Rolling Robotos Technology Workshop

Rolling Robots was started by George Kirkman (who was recently a competitor on Robot Combat League) and Bin Jiang, both former aerospace engineers who are also parents. Having children of their own, they saw the need to tap into kids’ spirit of wonder and unlock future potential through robotics.

Set up like a workshop environment, kids use creative thinking to solve design-build problems. Working in groups with peers their own age allows kids to feel comfortable in tackling challenges and find success as a team.

Robotics programming
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The Kid’s Technology Workshops allow kids to progress from basic skills to robotics competition. Once they’ve completed a level, they move on to the next one. Rolling Robots offers classes for every level; circuits, basic programming, even Minecraft hacks, all with hands on learning which reinforces the idea of being comfortable and having fun.

Students with no previous robotics experience can go from learning basic keyboard skills all the way up to Java programming. They are guided every step of the way by knowledgeable staff and can learn from older kids in higher levels. From after-school classes to home schooling lessons, there is even a 3D printing class where kids can experiment and see their designs come to life.

Rolling Robots is a fantastic place for parties because your guests get the unique experience of battling bots in the Robot Battle Arena. They get a lesson in design build as well, where every party guest gets to build and take home a real motorized robot! Best party favors ever!

Rolling Robots takes kids’ interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and gives them the freedom to grow that passion through creative thinking and building. It’s a unique place where kids can find the support they need to nurture their interests in technology and have fun!

Rolling Robots – Glendale
1800 South Brand Blvd. #101
Glendale, CA 91204
(818) 241-2308

Rolling Robots – Palos Verdes
700 Silver Spur Drive, #101
Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274

(424) 206-9466
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