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Geek Links: ECOVACS Deebot M88 Floor Cleaning Robot – Exclusive 15% Discount

Geek Links: ECOVACS Deebot M88 Floor Cleaning Robot – Exclusive 15% Discount

Reading Time: 1 minute Geek Links are cool stories that we’ve found elsewhere on the internet that we think our readers will love too. ECOVACS Deebot M88 Floor Cleaning Robot vacuums, sweeps and mops your floors.Image Credit: Ecovacs Vacuum, sweep, and mop your floor without doing more than downloading a smartphone app. Deebot M88 is… Read More


Cubetto Is Back: Register to Win!

Cubetto Is Back: Register to Win!

Reading Time: 1 minute My daughter watches Cubetto play out its programming. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu Cubetto is two years old! This little robot teaches preschoolers how to program in a Logo-style language without a screen. Kids use programming blocks plugged into a special base to make Cubetto turn and move. There are a variety… Read More

EV3 Review: The Lego Robot

This is a toy that teaches kids (age 10+) programming and engineering skills. It allows exploration of robotics concepts without needing to understand electrical engineering or advanced programming, but it isn’t dumbed down to the point that it becomes boring for older kids or even adults. In fact, the GeekMoms and GeekDads can’t resist a good Lego robot building challenge. Read More

Don't Miss Maker Faire Kansas City

Kansas City is actually a pretty cool place to be a maker. It’s one of a few locations of the larger “featured” Maker Faires. The other locations are Detroit, Newcastle (UK), Rome, and Tokyo. It’s still about one tenth the size of the World Maker Faire in New York, but over 10,000 attendees is still not bad. If you’re in the midwest, it’s worth the drive. Read More

4-H Is 4 Geeks

One of the biggest myths I hear about 4-His that it’s only for farming families. While it’s completely true that the organization was set up as a tool to promote “modern” farming methods through after-school agriculture clubs, that’s not the whole picture. There’s still a lot of farming in 4-H, yes, but there’s also a lot of science and art. In fact, there are even rockets and robots. Read More

The GeekMoms Podcast #25 First Lego League Global Innovation Award Winners Interview

This week I’m joined by two members of the First Lego League team Moderately Confused which recently won the Global Innovation Award. Arjun Kumar and Jacob Hoylman talk about how they got involved in First Lego League and the process that led to their team winning the $250,000 award to bring the team’s product to market. Read More

SparkFun Free Day Returns for Round Three With More Money And Different Rules

This Wednesday, January 11, is SparkFun Electronics’ third annual Free Day. If you’ve never participated before, you’re missing out on a lot of sparks and a lot of fun. What’s SparkFun? A great site where you can buy nearly 2,000 components and electronics. It’s like the RadioShack of the 21st century, if you think of… Read More

Muse of Nerds: College Physics, Innovative Robotics, Homeschooling — Dr. McColgan Can Do It All!

For my Muse of Nerds this month, I’ll formally introduce you to someone I have talked about in the past: Dr. Michele McColgan of Siena College. I met her through our homeschooling group (she has two elementary-aged children) and she has introduced my kids to science, math, robots, computer programming, alternative energy, a Lego Robotics… Read More