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‘Dungeons & Dragons’ For People Who Don’t Play ‘Dungeons & Dragons’

‘Dungeons & Dragons’ For People Who Don’t Play ‘Dungeons & Dragons’

If you’ve ever wondered what Dungeons & Dragons is actually all about, or always wanted to play but you’re too shy to ever try in real life, these D&D groups are just for you. Read More


Weekly GeekMom Video Playlist

Weekly GeekMom Video Playlist

This week, the GeekMoms were watching record-breaking videos, gaming videos and more. To save you from losing time searching for the geeky videos from this week, these videos and several others (along with the playlist from last week) can be found on the GeekMom YouTube channel. Here are a couple of the featured videos from the playlist, including the world’s smallest movie, Wil Wheaton pretends to be a sort of dinosaur, and some Warhammer Joey. Read More

Come Hangout Tonight over at Geek & Sundry’s #parent show

We’d love to have you join us live tonight on the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel for the geek parent hangout, starting at 8pm Pacific. But hey – Mike and I are parents, so we know things get busy, life is chaotic, and people get tired and like to go to bed early. So if you can’t make it to the live hangout, never fear – the lovely folks at Geek & Sundry will have it archived for whenever you have a moment. Read More

Wondercon Highlights Part 1

With San Francisco’s Moscone Center under renovation, WonderCon moved to Anaheim this year–and seemed to bring a bit of the Bay Area’s rain and chill wind along with it. We shivered our way between hotel and convention center, dodging clusters of purple-eyeshadowed cheerleaders who were competing in a tournament in the next hall over. Here… Read More

On Explaining Wheaton’s Law

The day you have kids, you have to change your language. I don’t mean you have to learn a new one, but that you have to start eliminating all the words you don’t want them to use once they’re old enough to talk. This is not an easy task. Once you try to stop saying… Read More

Google’s New Privacy Policy

Google sent out emails to users to let them know that they’re changing their privacy policy and Terms of Service, effective March 1. That’s usually enough to start a good panic, and I doubt it will be different this time. Just how “evil” is Google?  Well, it probably depends on who you ask. There were… Read More

The GeekMoms Podcast #11 The Nerdist and The Sparkle in Nathan Fillion’s Eyes

Nicole Wakelin is again joined by GeekMom Kristen Rutherford to talk about her work on the special The Nerdist Year in Review which airs right after Doctor Who this Christmas Eve on BBC America. She also shares some interesting tidbits about the show’s special guests including Wil Wheaton and Nathan Fillion. They also talk about the scary… Read More

The GeekMoms Podcast Episode #2: Zombies, Dragon*Con and Autographs!

In episode two Nicole Wakelin and “Chaos” Mandy Horetski talk about the perils and benefits of exposing your kids to zombie cosplay, attending Dragon*Con while pregnant (it can be done) and the fun of collecting autographs. Questions? Thoughts? Suggestions? Email podcast@geekmom.com (Note: Mandy was bit soft at the start, but it levels out within a minute or… Read More