Wil Wheaton Geeks Out in Front of Larry King

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Screenshot of Wil Wheaton from Larry King Now on Ora.tv.

Larry King is alive, well, and interviewing—a lot, actually. You won’t find him on TV, but his talk show, Larry King Now, is a pretty popular fixture on Ora.tv and Hulu. Even if you aren’t a regular viewer, you’ll want to catch his recent interview with Wil Wheaton.

“Being a geek is not about what you love, it’s about the way you love it.” — Wil Wheaton

Just in case you didn’t already love Wheaton, I’m thinking that quote above just sealed the deal. It should also convince you that this interview is well worth your 27 minutes. Wheaton talks up a few of his favorite geeky things, as well as other things like net neutrality, being a child actor, working with River Phoenix, being a villain, and his new show, The Wil Wheaton Project. Below is a teaser, with Wheaton discussing his role on The Big Bang Theory. It’s pretty awesome.



If you want to see what else Wheaton had to say to Larry King (and you’ll want to do that), check out the entire interview on Ora.tv.

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