Baby Week: Six Geeky Lullabies for Your Bundle of Joy (Now Go to Sleep!)

Is there a better sight to new parents' eyes? © Sophie Brown
Is there a better sight to new parents’ eyes? © Sophie Brown

One of the traditions that enter your home when you have a baby is that of lullabies. Whether you’re singing them yourself or you have some form of electronic gadget blaring out tinny, beepy versions of “Rock-a-Bye Baby”, chances are that by the time you’re hitting the 12 week mark, you’re getting a little sick of “Twinkle Twinkle…” and its ilk. Here then are some suggestions for geekier songs you could sing to get tired wee ones off to the land of nod.


Soft Kitty (from The Big Bang Theory)

Could I possibly have made this list without Soft Kitty? Well yes, possibly, but I’m sure I’d be lynched soon afterward. Soft Kitty has ingrained itself firmly in the geek psyche and I’m sure many of us have sung it to our kids, I know I have. So popular is the song that there is now an official range of products including t-shirts, a cushion and a singing plush kitty. And as if that isn’t enough, there’s now a video of Wil Wheaton singing it to his sick wife.
Tick, Tock, Goes the Clock (from Doctor Who)

This creepy little lullaby was heard constantly throughout Doctor Who‘s sixth season with different verses appearing in different episodes. When the show was airing over summer I often found myself singing this one to my son as I dressed him and the abundance of verses means that you’ll generally be able to recall a few of them even at three in the morning.
Rue’s Lullaby (from The Hunger Games)

It’s difficult to discuss this beautiful lullaby without giving away spoilers for the upcoming Hunger Games film, needless to say that anyone who has read the books will understand its significance. At this point there is no official tune to sing the words to so you will have to make up your own, or you can have a listen to the beautiful version above being sung by Kimmy from to the tune of “Kiss the Rain” by Yiruma.
Joy to The World (from The X-Files)

This is the only lullaby on the list that actually existed as a real world lullaby before its inclusion in a geeky show. “Joy to The World” first appeared in The X-Files in season five where Scully sang it to an injured Mulder to prove she was awake when they were trapped overnight in a forest. It was brought back as an in-joke for fans when Scully sang it to her son in season nine and it was my go-to song when my son was a tiny baby.
The Greatest Adventure (from The Hobbit)

Remember that amazing geek film released in 1977? No, not that one, I meant the animated Hobbit. No? Well no, neither do I as it happens but some kind soul on YouTube has been uploading music from the soundtrack and this one makes a beautiful lullaby. The 2012 Hobbit film has also given us its first song in the trailer – “Misty Mountains (Cold)” which would also make an interesting (if slightly dirge-y) lullaby.
Tim Minchin – Lullaby

This one isn’t exactly safe for work (or safe for your little one’s ears for that matter) however it is in a word, accurate. I don’t think there is a parent out there who hasn’t felt exactly how this song describes when trying to sooth a screaming baby to sleep whilst simultaneously trying not to collapse from exhaustion themselves. Take it with a good pinch of salt and if your baby is still screaming, maybe give “Oh bla di, oh bla da” a try!

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10 thoughts on “Baby Week: Six Geeky Lullabies for Your Bundle of Joy (Now Go to Sleep!)

  1. When we didn’t sing (or try to sing) the songs we knew, we were rather partial to Rockabye Baby! There’s apparently multiple volumes available now, but the one we bought before our daughter was born had soft “music box” versions of songs by Metallica, Nirvana, Tool, and other rock/metal bands. Obviously the slower songs from those artists were selected, since Master of Puppets would be an odd lullaby. She also has cd’s of traditional Koto music, classical orchestral music, a number of Enya cd’s, and some Loreena McKennitt as well. Like to keep a variety going.

  2. I sing soft kitty to my son and i’m also humming the imperial march to him. He loves them both

  3. I think my singing would give my daughter some newborn nightmares. But, thankfully, I’ve got my dad’s 1987 vinyl recording of Les Miserables that seems to do the trick. Is that geeky or nerdy or dorky or just…terrible?

  4. Voltaire – Good Night Demonslayer

    Admittedly I am not a parent, but I would totally play this for children. It’s on my personal night-time playlist, anyway.

    1. Absolutely to Goodnight Demonslayer, as well as This Ship’s Going Down (also Voltaire). The latter isn’t necessarily thematically appropriate, but the tune is great for soothing a little one.

  5. Fairytale of New York has a lovely lilt to it, and is easy to rock a child to.

    It’s a bit of a shock when they get old enough to sing it to their dolls, though.

  6. Tie me Kangroo down was the one that I used. It had a good rhythm and seemed to calm each of my children.

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