World's Largest Walking Robot is a Dragon

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Credit: Guiness World Records
Credit: Guiness World Records

Sometimes playing around to make something seriously cool also leads to amazing innovations. According to the 2014 Guinness World Records, the dragon you see above is the world’s largest walking robot. And it was designed to be part of a stage play of an ancient folk tale!

This dragon (named Tradinno) is 15.72 m (51 ft) long and 8.2m (27 ft) tall. According to cnet:

Getting the dragon to walk properly was no mean feat. Each leg has seven mobile degrees of freedom, allowing it to walk around corners and even move laterally. The company [Zollner Elektronik AG] says it took out a patent on the control concept in combination with the walking algorithm.

Tradinno’s wings are sheathed in polyurethane and reinforced plastic. Its main function is to act in a play, so veins are filled with 21 gallons of stage blood, while 24 pounds of liquid gas allow it to spit fire.

Never before has a staging of Drachenstich in Furth im Wald been this exciting.

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