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5 Must-See Artifacts in ‘The Jim Henson Exhibition: Imagination Unlimited’

5 Must-See Artifacts in ‘The Jim Henson Exhibition: Imagination Unlimited’

The exhibit is making its first stop at Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture, and it’s an inspirational, celebrational, and Muppetational look at Henson’s life and work. Read More


Muppet Party Ideas

Everyone has their favorite Muppets, right? My favorites form a triumvirate between Animal, Miss Piggy, and Beaker. I was an avid viewer of the television show and am excited to introduce my kids to the Muppets too. Check out these great ideas for a Muppet Party! You can make your own Scooter dip and Fozzie… Read More

Geek-Pleasing Finalists for the Toy Hall of Fame

The Toy Hall of Fame put out the call to nominate toys for the 2011 batch of inductees, and apparently that call was answered by geeks. Just look at the amazing list of finalists. Dollhouse – Well deserved, I’d say. And while I might once have wanted Barbie’s Dreamhouse with the functional elevator, now all… Read More

Game of Thrones of Muppets

  My friend, illustrator Yehudi Mercado, creates wonderful illustrations chocked full of geek culture. His latest is Game of Thrones of Muppets. Illustrations so far include Kermit the Stark, Queen Cersei Piggister, and King Rolf Baratheon. If you like these, you’ll likely enjoy his other illustrations like the Community Paintball action figures, or my all… Read More

A New Take On Muppets

The new year is a time to make changes, explore, and develop yourself as a person. It’s a time to take risks and channel the unexpected. To help start your new year off on a bizarre and slightly creepy note, I had to pass on something a friend shared with me. I would bet many of… Read More

Storm And Paul Is Their Cover Band Name

They are the opening band. I have yet to throw my panties on the stage – but when I do, they will be unique and geeky. My husband introduced me to the The Captain’s Wife’s Lament and Nun Fight a couple of years ago. When I heard these songs, by two guys who have obvious musical talent, I was an… Read More