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Dear Joss: Please Get Better AKA How ‘Buffy’ Failed Us

Dear Joss: Please Get Better AKA How ‘Buffy’ Failed Us

It’s the role of a good writer, arguably, to torture characters. But there’s a difference in how Whedon tortures his female characters, and it reveals a very troubling pattern. Read More


Plague Town by Dana Fredsti

I am a big fan of zombies and have been since long before The Walking Dead drew in legions of new zombie fans. The same is true of author Dana Fredsti who has loved zombies ever since a guy chose a zombie movie for their first date. No really, I’m not making that up. She told me… Read More

I Survived Twilight

My favorite creatures in the supernatural realm are vampires. It’s not a new thing, but an old thing that started way back when Interview with a Vampire hit theaters in 1994. I don’t know why that movie got my attention because, until that moment, I hated all manner of spooky creatures and things that go… Read More