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I am a big fan of zombies and have been since long before The Walking Dead drew in legions of new zombie fans. The same is true of author Dana Fredsti who has loved zombies ever since a guy chose a zombie movie for their first date. No really, I’m not making that up. She told me herself when I interviewed her for The GeekMoms Podcast recently. It’s clear from reading her book that Dana didn’t just jump on the zombie bandwagon, but is writing about what she loves to read, too.

Imagine the small college town of Redwood Grove. Pretty mountains. Pretty co-eds. Ugly half-rotted undead zombies. This is where heroine Ashley Parker finds herself one night while she’s out with her boyfriend. Suddenly her evening turns horrific when they’re attacked in the forest and have to run for their lives.

As the town is overrun, Ashley learns that she is one of a select few who can withstand the effects of a bite and is specially equipped to help fight off the zombies and contain the outbreak. This group of everyday people might be physically able to withstand the zombies, but emotionally and intellectually are entirely different stories. How will  this varied group come together and will any of them survive their zombie encounters?

Ashley is my favorite kind of heroine. She’s just a regular person thrown into extraordinary circumstances who does all she can to live up to her new responsibilities. If you like butt-kicking heroines with a fair dose of snark and humor, then you’re going to love Ashley. She will likely remind you of a certain vampire slayer, but instead of being a cheerleader, Ashley is a bit of a geek. The references to movies, books, and all manner of fandom will surely make you smile.

You can listen to my interview with author Dana Fredsti on the latest episode of The GeekMoms Podcast then get yourself a copy of  Plague Town and join Ashley on her zombie-killing adventure!

A copy of this book was provided for review.

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  1. Nicole, thanks for a lovely review and what was a very fun podcast experience! Lovely to talk to a fellow geek! 🙂

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