‘My Singing Monsters Fandemonium’ Is the Next Level in Entertainment

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“Gamifying Content.” Those are the words Catherine used to describe My Singing Monsters Fandemonium, and it’s the closest term we have right now. Unlike your run of the mill kid’s variety show, My Singing Monsters Fandemonium combines live streaming interaction with 3D Animation to create an experience like no other. Back in my day, kid variety shows were an experience for those who had money. The money it cost to bring four kids to a live Barney and Friends show did not justify the traffic, loudness, and short amount of small happiness we would get out of it. I remember seeing those commercials on TV and knowing the penalty for asking. I never even considered giving my children that experience, until I talked to Catherine Winder. 

My first interaction with My Singing Monsters was the game. According to my in-house 6-year-old monster expert, it’s best game in the world. To give you a little background, My Singing Monsters brings music, monsters, and caretaking. You feed the monsters, each with their unique sound, to level them up and breed them together to unlock more monsters, who make even more sounds. My little one loves creating her own monster orchestra, while feeding them yummy bakery treats, and building up their island. The nursery is her favorite thing. 


Catherine Winder is a kid’s entertainment powerhouse. Her amazing brain has influenced some of our family’s favorites and brought them to animated life. Catherine got her start overseas working for Disney Animation in Japan with some titles you may recognize: Chip N’ Dale, The Adventures of the Gummi Bears, and Darkwing Duck. Her career has evolved since then, and she’s since added more amazing animation to her CV such as Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and the Angry Birds movies. When Big Blue Bubble wanted to expand their My Singing Monsters brand with more content, she saw a big opportunity to collide both worlds.

“We started three years ago,” she begins as she tells me the story of how My Singing Monsters Fandemonium came together. Yes, before the world as we know it ceased to exist, Catherine Winder and her colleagues started production on the live streaming animated series. The goal was to combine the real time interaction of streaming, with children’s entertainment that was engaging for their audience. While there are a lot of moving pieces to create a live animation show, combining video game technology, like the Unity engine, with live somewhat voice actors and internet broadcasting, MSMF does a great job using the live interaction to their advantage.

On March 12, 2021, the first live episode of the show aired to the YouTube channel‘s 375,000 subscribers, and also on their Facebook page to 750,000 followers. Similar to the technology of Vtubers, the hosts are animated in real time and respond to live chat, along with technical difficulties. My daughter was so excited to see her favorite monster, PomPom, on the screen! We danced, we sang, and we laughed, even when watching replays! At one point in the first episode, the jaw of the animated character wasn’t moving as they talked. Thus the Monster Jawbreaker was born, and became the running joke throughout the 20-30 minute episode. Turns out, that little improv bit was popular amongst many viewers!

The interaction doesn’t stop there. Kids can interact with Furcorn, Mammott, and PomPom through the socials too. Kids can duet videos on TikTok and then submit them to be featured on the show! It truly is giving my kids accessibility to those live variety show experiences, in their own home, without breaking the bank. Between the game, the show, the socials, and more to come, My Singing Monsters is just getting started.

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