Time for the Oscars Baby!

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Hugo by Maggie Storino from "Don't Call Me Oscar"

So are you going to watch for the red carpet fashions, the hilarious antics of host Billy Crystal or to find out which of the prospective films will be crowned Best Picture?

There is one little girl that has done her research for the past two years, baby Sophia! She is the star of a blog called “Don’t Call Me Oscar“, where, with a little help from photographer (and mom) Maggie Storino, Sophia has creatively recreated the movie posters and famous scenes from each of the Best Picture nominees.

Sophia has kept her Oscar winner guesses a highly guarded surprise, but which nominated film is your favorite of 2011? Or more importantly which is your favorite recreation? Comment Below!

See you on the Oscars Red Carpet! Tonight Feb. 26th on ABC at 7p|4p.
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