Japan Crate – Getting My Lunar New Year Started Off Right


This month I was treated to a yummy review of Japan’s finest snacks and candies thanks to Japan Crate, a company that boasts sending crates of deliciousness to their customers with free worldwide shipping direct from Japan.

What is it?

Japan Crate is a monthly snack and candy subscription crate that boasts an impressive number of products for the price you pay. Each crate is shipped directly from Japan!

There are four options. Shipping is included worldwide for each crate. All plans auto-renew and you can cancel any time.

Premium – $49.95

18-20 items
(1) drink
bonus item
DIY kit
Manga-zine with facts and more

Original – $35.95

10 items
DIY kit
Manga-zine with facts and more

Mini – $22.95

5 items
Manga-zine with facts and more

What did I get?

I received the premium crate to check out and I was not disappointed in the offerings. Of all the candies and snacks, I’d say most were quite yummy. There were a few weird ones that I’m not sure I’d purchase on my own if I were visiting the country, but most received a rating of a three or higher (five being the best).

The featured items of this crate were the Sparkling Strawberry Wine Kit Kat, Iron Boss Energy Drink, Candimina Double Grape (my personal favorite), and Meigum Lemon Sour Gummy (not a fan). It was themed after the Lunar New Year, which was appropriate seeing as I received my crate a week before the festivities begin.


I’m impressed with not only the variety of what I received but the overall quality of products. The manga-zine helped greatly with interpreting what we were trying and marking down what we thought of each one. It also showed what each crate (mini, original, premium) got, so if you wanted to try another crate you get an idea of what they got that month.

Even at $22.95, the mini crate is a steal for me considering it includes shipping from Japan. If you gather that each item might cost between $2-$3 American, shipping ends up being around $5 or so for the mini crate. That’s not bad at all.

My only regret is that the drink was an energy drink and, due to health reasons, I had to give that one away.

Final Thoughts

I’m a huge manga reader and anime watcher, so being able to try out some of the worldly snacks and candies was a lot of fun. The price for the crate is reasonable considering it’s shipping from Japan. Even the mini crate seems worth the value of what you’re paying. I’m native to the land of Disney and I might see if some of these items are at Epcot’s Japan pavilion, so I can get my fix anytime I want of my favorites. As an experience, it was a fun one for my entire family to enjoy and take part in together. We all enjoyed reading the descriptions and making our predictions on if it was something we’d enjoy and being pleasantly surprised by a few of them.

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