Easy Horror Movie Lollipop Covers

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It’s easy and inexpensive to dress a few little suckers up as horror favorites for Halloween. All images: Lisa Tate

Do you know anyone missing the Halloween fun this year?

This is when it is time to get creative, and send or give them a little special reminder the spooky fun will return, with a horror  movie themed lollipop bouquet.

Each of these ideas will consist of three basics:

  • A square of felt (about 3″ X 3″ for “Dum Dum” size suckers)
  • A string or thin ribbon
  • A cardstock “charm” (optional)

    Cut some felt, draw some charms, and cover some suckers. I used Dum Dums, but larger suckers can be used if you cut the felt a little larger to fit. FYI: The “paw” charm I used with a plain white piece of felt for a werewolf moon, but free paw clip art is easy to find online, and looks better.

One of the easiest things about this project is all of these ideas will be the same shape. There may be a couple of painted or drawn on designs, but no extra ears or appendages will be needed. I promise.

The assembly for each is as follows:

  1. Fit the felt square over the top of the sucker.
  2. Cut out the charm, and poke a small hole in one end with a large needle or pin. Pull the string, ribbon or chenille stem through it gently.
  3. Tie the charm and around the base of the sucker to hold the felt in place. Always tie ribbons it with a simple bow, so it is easy for sucker-craving hands to untie. Chenille stems are the easiest to tie and under, when working with younger crafters.

For the charm, you can draw your own on cardstock if you’re only make one of each, but I also made a simple template for those who want to make multiple copies:Sucker Charms

Also, you can choose to skip the charms altogether, or make them more sturdy by “laminating” them with some clear packing tape.

Now comes the fun part — the spooky designs! Here are three variations based on some famous scary movies.

It. Use a piece of plain red felt, and attach a sailboat charm for the Pennywise balloon.


Trick or Treat. Make Sam’s little burlap mask with brown felt, and tying the “pumpkin sucker” charm. Use a black felt tip to draw on his seams, and black button eyes. Small black buttons or rhinestones can be used for eyes, as well.

Sucker TorT

The Nightmare Before Christmas. Use a white piece of felt and tie the little Jack-O-Lantern charm. Paint on his eyes, mouth and nose with a black felt tip or sparkly black paint pen.SuckerJack

If you don’t want to use candy, these can also be pencil toppers, by gluing a small Styrofoam ball on the end, and assembling it just like the lollipops. 

Tie all these designs together with a ribbon or rope to complete the bouquet, or make several of the same kind to give our to friends and family. Keep this idea in mind for when the need for trick-or-treats handouts or party favors returns, as well.

The same method also works well as a pencil topper.

This year, a little treat can make a family movie night or a small care package seem extra spooky and extra special.

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