Plan for the Future: Geek Parents Register Their Kids’ Names as Domains (Giveaway)


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We’re giving away coupon codes for 10 free domain name registrations so you can make sure your kids are ready for the future!

This post was sponsored by Namecheap.

When we have kids, some of the first things we do (or ought to do) are mundane things: find good schools, start saving for college, and line up the list of great geeky books we’re going to read to them as they grow so they’ll become awesomely-geeky people just like us. And in our connected world, we may also want to think about securing their own unique digital space, even if they’ve got a few years before they’ll be ready to use it.

One awesome (and geeky) way to do that is to register their name (or some unique variation of it) as a web domain, so they’ll be able to have and control their own place in the digital world someday. For example, when they were little, I registered the domains for both my kids. When my older son was applying to colleges, we were able to set up an application video on his own website and point the colleges at it for big impact.

With their own domain, your kids will be able to keep their own blogs. Or, if your kids ever want it, they can have personal email addresses that are pretty much the equivalent of “” Pretty unforgettable, and it makes it much easier to keep control over their own information, rather than letting companies like Google have access to every word they send or receive and start sending ads based on them.

Which is why it’s great that the registrar and web host Namecheap is running a special promotion, right now through Mother’s Day on May 13th, to encourage parents to register their kids’ domains at great prices. For the next couple weeks, you can register your kids’ names as a .com domain for as little as $8.48 per year, or as a .me domain as low as $3.48 per year (there are other TLDs available, too, like .net, .org, .uk, .tech, .art, and way more).

And even better, they’ve partnered with us to give away coupon codes for 10 free .com domain registrations. Fill out the form below, and we’ll pick 10 winners at random who can do the smart, and geeky, thing for their kids! But make sure to check out Namecheap today, see what your options are, and register a domain. You can even set up hosting so you can create a blog for your kid, or get them their own private email.

Namecheap Register Your Kids’ Names as Domains Giveaway!

Namecheap Register Your Kids’ Names as Domains Giveaway!

Winners will be chosen at random. Only one entry person. Entrant must be 18 years of age or older. Contest only available to residents of the countries where Namecheap does business. Data collected will be used for contacting winners only. I understand the restrictions and certify I meet the restrictions.


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