Award-Winning Animated Series ‘Leo the Wildlife Ranger’ Introduces Your Pre-Schoolers to Nature


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Leo the Wildlife Ranger
If your little ones love animals, ‘Leo the Wildlife Ranger’ is perfect for them! (Image via Omen Studios)
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Leo The Wildlife Ranger is an award-winning animated series for young children that takes the show’s main characters – Junior Rangers Leo, Katie and their lovable puppy Hero – on fun and educational nature adventures around the world. In each episode, kids will learn fun facts and information about different wildlife and nature conservation. While enjoying the show, children will also begin to share Leo and Katie’s love for nature and animals, and come to respect their natural homes in the environment.

In his debut year, Leo The Wildlife Ranger won Best Preschool Program in the Asian TV Awards, while also receiving nomination for Best 3D Animation. To date, Leo continues to make his mark internationally in countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Korea and China, amongst others, and is currently on Amazon Prime with above 4- star ratings.

Leo is a nature-loving and upbeat 8 year-old who – along with his computer-wiz sister Katie, their loyal pooch Hero, and the stalwart Ranger Rocky – explores the wondrous animals and environments the world has to offer, with healthy lessons about conservation and protecting the planet. Each episode of Leo the Wildlife Ranger comprises of three different segments (available to watch on YouTube): short episodes (minisodes), Ranger Diaries, and Hero’s Mini-Missions. These segments take your pre-schooler (age 3+) on adventures around the world to learn about animals, the environment, conservation, and more.

Each minisode is about 5 minutes long and is essentially a condensed version of the full episode. Here is a minisode that introduces viewers to one of the fastest animal in the world:

In each Ranger Diary, Leo educates kids about another exciting and unique animal, like this one about the Estuarine Crocodile:

And on Hero’s Mini Missions, Leo and Katie send their pup out to search for new homes for our wildlife friends:

Each episode has fun characters and stories, and the show aims to make the materials relatable and interesting to small kids. In fact, the show delivers important information and vocabulary that will broaden children’s understanding of the natural world, and the importance of taking care of it. Talk about wholesome kids’ entertainment!

Beyond all the minisodes (available to watch on YouTube), there are companion apps as well.

Leo Fun PackLeo Fun Pack is a companion to the show that includes matching games, puzzles, coloring sheets, and links out to the Leo minisodes, so your kids can enjoy Leo’s world all in one place. It’s free on iOS and Android.

Leo SafariLeo Safari is a driving adventure game where Leo, Katie, and Hero travel around the wildlife park, clearing and cleaning the habitats, fixing bridges, and generally making the animals’ homes safer. Kids will learn all about the animals, and can upgrade their vehicle with the ultimate goal of becoming a Master Ranger. It’s free on iOS and Android as well.

Don’t miss out on any of Leo, Katie, Hero and Ranger Rocky’s wildlife adventures by subscribing to Leo the Wildlife Ranger’s YouTube page here! If you’d like to learn more about Leo, Katie, Hero, Rocky, and their adventures, check out their website!

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