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Today is your birthday, Alice, and I am floored by how much you have grown and changed over the past two years. At first, you were a snuggly lump. Now, you’re a snuggly/clingy/climbing-all-over-Mum little person. You laugh and learn new words daily; combining them into sentences like, “I miss you,” and “Come on, Mom!” Your favorite food is now cookies when it used to be milk. Your favorite spot is in my lap (or on my shoulders, in my face, and jumping on my chest.) You want me to read the dragon book every night and you almost have enough patience to let me finish the words before forcefully turning the cardboard page onto my fingers.

I can’t imagine my world without you. You teach me to be confident and fearless. I see so much of your Dad when I look at your little face, Papa in your words, and me whenever you try to mimic my latest project. You’re my favorite kid. I just want to hold onto you all the time. Every day I learn to see the world through fresh eyes because you see the magic all around; magic that I had long forgotten until now.

Happy birthday, Alice. I love you.

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