History of Christmas Through Music

History of Christmas Through Music

History of Christmas Through Music
Image By Rebecca Angel

I am a music nerd. I am a history nut. I love Christmas music! So it’s no surprise that I made a series about the history of Christmas using songs as the guide. A couple of years ago, I recorded a video each day spending a little time describing a point in Christmas history and singing a song. Most of the time I was alone, but sometimes my family (or friends) joined in if they were visiting, mostly a cappella (with occasionally beat-boxing and harmony from my kids) with a few little instruments thrown in. Amusingly, there is a piano in the background of every video, but I hardly play it! I was really into learning ukulele and recorder that year, putting aside my piano and guitar for a time.

I focus on traditions and Christmas music celebrated by my family in America, which mostly came from Europe. We begin with a song about the ancient Norse people who started the tradition of the Yule log thousands of years ago, moving on to other wintertime fun, eventually getting to the birth of Jesus and how the celebration came to be, and the evolution of the holiday to this day.

Some of the songs you’ll recognize like “O Come O Come Emmanuel” and “Jingle Bells,” with others less well known, including the final song called “Twangles the Christmas Squid.” Most of the videos are only 2 -3 minutes long and a simple way to enjoy advent with your family, learn a little, and get in the Christmas spirit with music!

You can see the whole playlist HERE.

Or start watching on Day One:

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