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The holidays are a time for loving, sharing, and winter fashion. Here to kick off the holiday season in style is a short but mighty online fashion show that I put together from my favorite winter gear from

Slay Winter with Deadpool and
Slay Winter with Deadpool and by Dakster Sullivan

First up, ladies, it’s time to slay winter with the merc with the mouth, Deadpool. This side zip moto style jacket ($80) goes great over any t-shirt, and pair it with leggings or jeans. Accessorize with a sleek Deadpool handbag ($57), matching wallet ($25), and fluffy keychain ($12) to tie it all together.

Next up, a little hero time with Superman.
Save winter with Superman and

Save winter with Superman and by Dakster Sullivan

The symbol pieced zip-up hoodie ($40) is sold as a men’s, but, ladies, we know if it zips it fits. The jacket is one of my favorites because it has a little weight to it and the fabric feels silky on my skin. Pair it with the perfect Superman t-shirt ($20), matching socks ($12), earrings ($10), and wallet ($20) for a look that will save winter from itself.

Now it’s time to mystify the winter solstice with Doctor Strange. 

Mystify the cold with Doctor Strange and

Mystify the cold with Doctor Strange and by Dakster Sullivan

Okay, SuperHeroStuff doesn’t have a lot in the way of Doctor Strange just yet, but I had to put something together to get in this super comfy hoodie ($39). Once again, it’s listed under men’s fashion, but all the compliments I’ve gotten on mine were from women, so there. Who really cares what you wear under the hoodie, but just in case you get a little warm and need to remove it, I like this Doctor Strange t-shirt ($19) and matching belt ($25). For more fun, grab one of the Doctor Strange HeroBoxes ($49) for a bunch of random Doctor Strange awesomeness to add to your collection.

Finally, it’s time to rebel against the cold with Star Wars.

Rebel against the cold with Star Wars and

Rebel against the cold with Star Wars and by Dakster Sullivan

The best part of this outfit is the reversible cape ($51). One one side you have a sleek, black look, and on the other a total battle scene with the Death Star. It’s a great pick to keep you warm in the theater while watching Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. You can pair it up with a t-shirt ($21) for a casual look or a dresser shirt for a night out with your fellow rogues. Whatever you do, make sure you bring along the Death Star purse ($45 ), wallet ($11 ), and matching fluffy keychain ($10) to hold it together. This look will make sure you are rebelling with style.

That’s all for this year’s winter fashion show. Of course, there is more winter attire over at, so if you didn’t see something that fit your tastes here, head over to their website and scope them out.

Want more digital fashions? Check out my Polyvore profile for my past outfits and to keep up with future ones.

Disclaimer: GeekMom received a review sample of some items included in this post.

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