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So, Mother’s Day is coming up, and you might wonder what to give your mom as a gift, if you do that sort of thing in your family. We here at GeekMom have a slew of ideas for you!

This year, Mother’s Day is May 14th, in just 10 days. So it’s time to start planning. It’s only partially coincidental that we’re running our Mother’s Day Gift Guide on Star Wars Day, May the 4th; there is more than one Star Wars-themed gift idea below.

Image: Nixplay

Nixplay Iris Digital Photo Frame – $199.99

It’s easier than ever to share photos with friends and family with this wi-fi-enabled photo frame. It’s super easy to set up, comes with a remote control, and allows you to add friends to your network—friends who can send photos directly to your frame, sharing photos of their trips, babies, or fancy lunches. It’s also simple to send photos to it directly from your phone using the Nixplay app. You can set the frame to only turn on when there is motion in the room, or to only be on during certain hours. It includes 10GB free cloud storage. And, with the sale they currently have going on, it’s even cheaper than buying at Amazon! Buy 1 Iris and get 25% off. Buy 2 and it’s 35% off. Buy 3 and it’s 40% off! Nixplay’s sale runs through Mother’s Day (May 14th). They also offer other frames that start at only $99, and other frames that are much larger than the 8″ one I tested that look pretty epic.

Image: Olena Mysnyk

Glam Unicorn Bookmark – $29

Handmade bookmark by Olena Mysnyk of MyBookmark brand on Etsy. Her bookmarks took the internet by storm with the Wicked Witch bookmark based on the movie The Wizard of Oz. She now has a new collection of Fairyland bookmarks for girls of all ages, and who doesn’t love unicorns? A great gift for the young-at-heart mom to keep track of where she left off during bedtime stories or during personal reading time. Check out her Fairyland collection on Etsy.

Image: Loungefly

The Force Awakens BB-8 Micro Mini Dome Crossbody – $55

This is the droid-bag you’re looking for! The Loungefly Star Wars Collection provides one of easiest and most fun ways to show love for the films everywhere you go. And it’s practical—every mom needs a bag or five, and these are sturdy. Anika has had the R2-D2 Mini Dome Bag for a year and it still looks brand new. Now she wants this BB-8 to salute the new generation. With over 100 styles available, there’s sure to be something for the Force-wielding mom in your family.

Image: ThinkGeek

MTA Hairclip Multi-Tool – $7.99

These multi-tool hairclips have several of the factors those of us buying for more than one recipient look for. These are practical, inexpensive, easy to ship (or could fit in an envelope), and are extremely cool. Get a few extras to keep on hand for emergency gifts, as well.

Image copyright Warner Bros./DC Entertainment

DC Comics Wonder Woman Stars Knapsack – $24.94

My favorite Wonder Woman backpack. It has plenty of room for most items, such as lunchboxes, folders, and can be used as a diaper bag. It’s big enough to fit a laptop, though it lacks a cushioning sleeve for it.

Image credit: Lucasfilm Ltd.

Rogue One on Blu-ray and Digital Download – $19.99 to $24.99

While I didn’t find this Blu-ray to have the same variety of special features as other Disney and Marvel films, it’s still a delight to bring Rogue One into the home by getting Mom this movie to own! In addition to getting to see the movie again and again (and always finding new things I missed previously!), be sure to check out the documentary short about Alan Tudyk as K2SO.

Image: Elgato

Elgato Avea Flare, Portable Mood Lamp – $99.99

Elgato Avea Flare is a portable mood lamp. It charges on its base and, with the free Avea app, you can control the mood and brightness of the lamp. It gives great reading light, and if you have a little one that needs some extra reassurance at night, it makes a good bedtime night light.

Image: Eye-Vac

Eye-Vac Home Touchless Vacuum – $99

OK, so usually I’m not on board with cleaning items for Mother’s Day, but I’ll make an exception for the device I bought for myself this year. The Eye-Vac is for people who have hard floors but hate trying to get everything swept into the dust pan and then dumped into the trash. Sweep your pile under the vacuum, it activates, and it goes into a canister. Dump it when it’s full. Or sort out the LEGO pieces first. Your call. It’s easy enough to use that I can get my kids to sweep (and getting your kids to do the sweeping would be the real present, right?).

Image: InvisibleShield

InvisibleShield glass+ luxe Screen Protector – Prices vary by phone size

If your favorite mom is in need of a screen protector for her phone, you can’t go wrong with this model. The InvisibleShield glass screen protectors are the only ones I ever buy now. Their durability, quality, clarity, and smoothness make the smart phone experience so much nicer. Plus, they give you complete peace of mind that comes with a protected screen. They are very easy to apply (easier than non-glass ones, in my experience), are actually made of glass so they’re super smooth, and come with a limited lifetime warranty. This particular model comes in polycarbonate frame colors to match your phone model and phones with it applied can still fit inside your case. This model includes extreme impact and reinforced screen protection. Plus, no bubbles!

Image: Loungefly

Darth Vader Sugar Skull Crossbody Purse – $65

Come to the Darkside, we have purses. Get mom this nerd chic faux leather Darth Vader crossbody purse for Mother’s Day, from Loungefly. W: 11.5″ by H: 12″ by D: 1″.

Image: Roseshire/Disney

Beauty and the Beast Roseshire Experience – $189

Mother’s Day is a tale as old as time. Treat mom like the royal she is with two dozen (or one dozen for $109) luxury roses and a fairy tale experience to remember. Perfect for any mom currently listening to “Evermore” on repeat.

Image: SOLO

SOLO Altitude 17.3″ Laptop Backpack – MSRP $79.99

This well-pocketed, stylish, yet highly protective laptop pack is perfect for the commuter who can’t have a super-thick pack smacking fellow travelers in the face. You know what I’m talking about: those folks who turn around and knock you over with their overstuffed bags. The military-grade reinforced parachute nylon and durable clasps and zippers will maintain their integrity on the roughest of trips. There is a compartment that accommodates a laptop up to 17″, plus separate compartments for papers, writing utensils, tablets, and any other smart devices you happen to be carrying. The black color makes this pack great for professional wear (such as my military uniform), and there are female Velcro loops on the exterior if you are interested in a more fun, bold look. My pack came with a “New York” patch to attach to the Velcro area.

Image: Griffin

Griffin Survivor Power Bank Rugged Battery – $45

Griffin brings the tough with the Griffin Rugged Power Bank. It will give mom up to five additional charges to her phone or one additional charge to her tablet. It’s impact-resistant and weatherproof so mom can take this where ever her journeys take her.

Image credit: Disney Animation Studios

Moana on Blu-ray and Digital Download – $19.99 to $24.99

Every mother will appreciate a film about a child with incredible willpower and spirit who needs to be allowed to cut loose to explore the world by herself. Okay, so maybe you wouldn’t be so comfortable letting your child set sail on a small raft with only a “special” chicken companion, but between the music, the gorgeous Polynesian images, and (of course) Dwayne Johnson’s amazing portrayal of demigod Maui, every mother needs to have Moana on their shelf! Read more about the Blu-ray and digital download special features here.

Image: Griffin

Griffin Survivor Tracktical Case for Apple Watch – $29.99

Need quick protection for mom’s Apple Watch but without the hassle of changing out the band? The Griffin Survivor Tactical Case for Apple Watch snaps over the watch and protects it without having to swap out the watch band itself. When you don’t need it anymore, just snap it off and store it for the next time.

From all of us here at GeekMom, have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Note: Samples for some of these products were provided for review.

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