‘Geekasaurus’ April 11th, 2018 – Happy First Birthday, Alice!

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To my amazing Dino daughter,

Today, you are one. It has been a crazy first year. We’ve had normal ups and downs as you’ve learned how to sleep in your bassinet and learned how to eat. We’ve experienced so many firsts already – your first convention, your first cake, your first laugh, and your first word (DaDa won). I can’t believe that it has been 365 days already since I first truly met you.

We’ve also had some pretty intense adventures this year. Heart surgery was an unexpected and wild journey. I’m glad that you’re okay. You’re growing again, and as I write this I’m watching you try to take those first real steps. (In fact, I have to stop writing to capture your first real steps on video to send them to your dad.) I’m floored by your progress, tiny Dinosaur.

I see how curious and adventurous you are. I see your determination and stubbornness. I hear you. You have so much to say and it’s all important. You have so much to do and a whole world to explore. Your dad and I are right here with you. We promise to be with you every step of the way.

I love you more than hot chocolate. I love you more than books. I love you more than Star Trek. I love you more than pizza. You’re my favorite, baby. I love you.

– Mum


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