Road to Kickstarter: The Kickstarter Video

Road to Kickstarter Part 10: The Mystery of Shipping Costs

Road to Kickstarter: The Kickstarter Video
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Last we, I said I would reset myself this week, and so I have. My problem, I think, is that I have these ideas of when and how things will fall into place. Instead, I should take a step back, and take things one step at a time. I will ask, “What do I need to get figured out next?” I will do that step, and once it is done, take the next. One foot in front of the other. That is how we get around in life, is it not? Which brings me to my next step: shipping costs.

How Do I Find Out My Shipping Costs?

Kickstarter allows me to set shipping costs by country or worldwide. I can do it both ways, but I need to know the average and worst cases costs of shipping everywhere. Yet, when I go to get them, I have a calculator. Enter the place and find out the costs. This would work wonderfully, except… except… well, except I don’t know where things will ship as of yet. A price sheet would be much nicer.

I have emailed IngramSpark asking for one, but I have not heard back. As such, I will need to work through the calculator and make sure I have some grip on world geography to figure out the shipping costs around the world. I am very worried I will miss something, some small detail that will raise the costs to, say, Austraila without my knowledge, and what will I do then? So it is the shipping costs that I try to pin down, to capture the elusive details.

Looking Forward

My looks forward will be taking a different approach than before. Instead of looking at how close I am to my end goal, I will be looking at the next steps I need to take. At this time, my next step is to complete a compelling Kickstarter page. I have all the pieces, except my confidence in the shipping costs. I just need to make a whole that is better than its parts, instead of a faint reflection of what I want, and what I feel I owe people before I can ask them to back me. So I will walk in this direction, and make sure my finances are solid. I am not quite sure how I will do this, but I will find a way.

Until next week,

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  1. When I was looking into shipping on my project, which I never launched, I found the folks at to have some straightforward pricing, for most of the world. Not the cheapest, but in terms of how much time/effort to figuring out the shipping problem, very simple. I’d contact them and see about their current offerings.

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