Momentum  Image: Momentum

Momentum Wi-Fi Camera: User-Friendly Home Security

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Momentum  Image: Momentum
Momentum Image: Momentum

I’ve done a few reviews of internet cameras for GeekMom. Ohh, wait. That’s right. You wouldn’t know that because most of them stunk and I ended up rejecting them. Here is one that actually made the cut: the Momentum 720p Wi-Fi camera.

Let’s start out with why this one actually made the cut and the others didn’t. I could get it set up. Easily!

It took just a couple of clicks, a snap of the QR code, and entering my home’s Wi-Fi password to get going. The app is about as easy to get around in as you can get, and the clarity of the video is great.

Momentum plugs into the nearest outlet, so you have the security that unless your power goes out, your camera never will.

The two-way audio feature allows me to get the attention of anyone that sets the camera off. In some instances, I’ll admit I used this power for evil and yelled at my son to take a break from his computer or to my husband to answer his phone that I’d been calling for an hour. MUAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Momentum App Screens  Image: Dakster Sullivan
Momentum App Screens Image: Dakster Sullivan

Another neat feature that I like is the convenience of the cloud service. For my day to day use, I’m good with using an SD card, but for longer periods of time when I need stronger security, I’m happy the cloud service is available and at a competitive rate.

The app allows you to see your camera’s live stream 24/7, and if you see something you want to record, you can start and stop a recording manually. I took the downloading for a spin and took this short video to show you the quality of the camera. You can hear the sound quality as a movie plays in the background. Bonus points if you can tell me in the comments what movie was playing at the time.

For $4.99 I can get 7-days of cloud recording with the ability to see the live stream 24/7. The cloud recordings will only store the instances when an alert goes off like motion detection or sound detection. When I get home, I can download the videos I need to keep to my computer.

For $9.99 I can get up to 30-days of cloud recording. What I like most about this subscription service is I can cancel at any time and they prorate the cost. So if I want to only use the service for 14 days while I’m on vacation, that’s fine. Each camera needs its own subscription, so keep that in mind if you plan on grabbing more than one camera.

What if you’re watching the live stream and something catches your attention? There’s an option in the app to take a picture or video so you can capture the moment without the app tripping a rule.

Here are some additional features the average user might find noteworthy:

  • Night vision capable
  • Motion and sound detection
  • Live stream
  • 110-degree viewing
  • Nest-compatible

It’s not all smelling like roses over in Camp Momentum, though.

The camera doesn’t save your settings if it gets disconnected. This is where the ease of setting up is so nice. Because if you want to move it around the house, you will have to set it up again.

I found that the infrared doesn’t work if you point it out a window. This is annoying because it’s at night that I need to keep an eye on my front yard the most.

My second complaint is that you can’t turn off the sound recording. This annoys me because if I have it plugged in to watch the front yard it automatically picks up every sound in the house.

Those two short complaints, though, are not enough to deter me from recommending this. The ease of setting up and the apps user-friendly interface are the best I’ve seen so far.

I’m happy with the cloud service pricing and the ability to cancel it at any time and swap back to using the SD card for my memory keeping needs. Since it doesn’t require to be mounted, I can move it from room to room and point it where I need it any given day. Overall, I’m happy to have momentum keeping an eye on things in my house.

Momentum Wi-Fi camera is currently $49.99 at Target and Walmart stores –a steal of a deal that is hard to pass up.

Disclaimer: GeekMom received a review sample.

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15 thoughts on “Momentum Wi-Fi Camera: User-Friendly Home Security

    1. The original link was to the old version. It might have terrible reviews on Amazon but I’ve had nothing but good experiences with it.

  1. I don’t see a problem with it. It definitely serves its purpose especially for the price. Imhappy I bought it

  2. How do you stop the automated voice from being heard. I use it to monitor my mom and the caretakers but if it “talks” when the internet is reconnecting then my attempt to be inconspicuous is void.

  3. When the trial expires why can’t you update the firmware? Also my camera starts out color by night turns to black and white then I have to unplug it to go back to color.

  4. It stop recording motion .I get no notifications. Did the reset like instructed I gave up walked waved in front of it still no recording no activity

    1. I’ve found that powering the camera off and back on will usually reset it enought that will start recording again…

  5. Hey sorry to bug but i cant find a solid answer anywhere. Am i supposed to be able to view my clips and snap shots away from home, or can i only record and snap them and then access them when im back on the home network?

  6. The night vision keeps coming on so people see the red light & the screen goes black

  7. My 720 just quit recording ine day. Reset everything several times. No change. Called momentum several times, not able to help. Night vision does not work. Right after free trial recording, been trouble.

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