‘LEGO Dimensions’ Wonder Woman Giveaway: Win a Princess Warrior Goddess

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We bought LEGO Dimensions when it first came out, but over time, it has languished in the corner of our living room. However, with the new movie, along came a review opportunity for the LEGO Dimensions Wonder Woman.

Irony of ironies? I apparently already owned it but had forgotten about it in a drawer. Even more ironic? I had already ripped open the review package before finding the mottled corpse of the purchased one accidentally while looking for missing figures. (The only thing I despise about LEGO Dimensions is that if your child is like mine, the minifigures and pieces get broken and scattered across the house ruining the gameplay.)

With my Husbeast and child outside doing some kind of “sport” thing (I am decidedly not a physically active human being in humid heat), I tucked myself in to play.

Gameplay with LEGO Dimensions Wonder Woman

First, I have to say: I love the idea of LEGO Dimensions because I love character play games. I love getting to feel like a particular character and getting to live in their world. Combine that with how much I enjoy the general LEGO characters’ looks, and LEGO Dimensions is everything I’d love. That said, I’ll admit: I don’t love the worlds in LEGO Dimensions as much as I’d like. The missions are hard to find. As I said, if you’ve lost all of the original characters, it’s hard to play the game. So, to play as LEGO Dimensions Wonder Woman, I’m pretty much confined to the DC World (never managed to finish the original game to unlock free play before losing everyone).

The DC World doesn’t have as much depth as I’d love. I found a lot of wandering but eventually scored a few missions. The missions are fun from the perspective of my loving to beat the bejeepers out of things. No, really. The reason I play video games is to beat things up. There is nothing more enjoyable than being able to punch a minifigure and watch it explode into a pile of pieces. Also, my vaguely violent self has a great time punching bricks and exploding things.

One of the best parts of playing in these worlds is being able to gather enough coins to “purchase” the ability of other characters you need instead of having to buy their figures. I can dig that from the parental point of view.

LEGO Dimensions Wonder Woman
Yes, even the kid loved it. We argued about getting to play.

BEING Wonder Woman

Now, that we’ve gotten past my issues with the demise, admittedly based on my family’s inability to not lose things, of gameplay, I can gush a bit. Playing as Wonder Woman rocks. She’s fun. She’s empowering.

Every time you fly, you get the Wonder Woman television show theme song. Every. Time. And, for the records, no, it never gets old. Never.

She flies as you would expect. The Invisible Jet is awesome. Because, I mean, Invisible flipping Jet, y’all.

My personal favorite: she can use her tiara as a boomerang. Since a lot of the gameplay in the DC World means breaking stuff to collect coins, the tiararang helps by letting you target a bunch of objects without the time consumption of manually hitting each one. This, personally, I found oddly satisfying.

The Giveaway: Enter by 7/14

Right? This is the reason you clicked on the article in the first place.

We have 5, yes five, free Wonder Woman fun packs to give away. So here’s what we’re going to do. Click on the link below, visit the GeekMom Facebook Page, and BOOM! you’re entered to win.

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