Squeebles Punctuation Teaches Grammar to Your Kids (and You)

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Squeebles Punctuation, Image: KeyStageFun
Squeebles Punctuation, Image: KeyStageFun

The latest addition to the Squeebles range is Squeebles Punctuation, a fun, engaging and entertaining app designed to teach punctuation and grammar. Grammar is an area where many adults could use some help too. Many of us find grammar rules difficult to remember, and this often makes it difficult for us to help with homework as effectively as we’d like.

The Squeebles brand from KeyStageFun is one our family has used for several years. We started out using their excellent spelling app to help with my son’s weekly spelling tests and found it to be the most effective method for him to retain the words, helping him get full marks most weeks. Later, we had the opportunity to review the complete Squeebles range and found all their apps to be equally fun and educational, helping us with times tables, division, and much more.

Example Screens from Squeebles Punctuation, Image: KeyStageFun
Example Screens from Squeebles Punctuation, Image: KeyStageFun

Squeebles Punctuation includes four activities:

  • Punctuation Placement
  • Its or It’s
  • Possessive Apostrophes
  • Contraction Capers

Punctuation Placement is divided into five separate activities:

  • Full Stops and Capital Letters
  • Question and Exclamation Marks
  • Commas
  • Speech Marks
  • Colons, Semicolons, and Commas

All the activities can be played at a variety of difficulty levels, making the app suitable for kids aged between 5 and 11. Different player profiles can be set up so each child using the app receives age-appropriate activities.

More Example Screens from Squeebles Punctuation, Image: KeyStageFun
More Example Screens from Squeebles Punctuation, Image: KeyStageFun

In each activity, the player is presented with a sentence and various words or pieces of punctuation. Players drag the correct items to the correct parts of the sentence to complete it. Once they are happy with everything they click submit and the Grammar Ghost and Punctuation Pest check what is correct, and what isn’t. Correct answers earn the player stars and Squeeble characters. Stars can be used to play a fun bonus game called Balloon Race, trading them for faster, stronger balloons.

Squeebles Punctuation is another fantastic addition to the Squeebles app range, which continues to offer well designed, fun apps that teach effectively without feeling like hard work. At only £2.99* this will be a great addition to your homework help app library, and it could even give you a refresher too.

*At this time, Squeebles Punctuation is not available in the US; an American version is due to be released in early 2018.

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