Great Pumpkins! Mazes and Jack-O-Lanterns and Patches, Oh My…

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After all the hub-bub about pumpkin spice lattes et. al not being made of real pumpkin, well, let’s just say I was a little heart-broken. (For the record I combed over the Libby’s canned pumpkin label last time I was at the grocery store and, right there, 100% pumpkin…).

For my family, autumn is all about corn stalks, pumpkin patches, cider doughnuts, and Halloween. But the pumpkins, those steal my heart, so I know I’ll be planning some pumpkin themed trips to renew my faith in my favorite fall vegetable (fruit?). One of the best places to see a showcase of pumpkins in my area (Northeast, USA) is at the Great Jack-o-Lantern Blaze in Croton On Hudson, NY, a wee bit north of Sleepy Hollow.

Who wouldn’t be delighted with the sight of thousands of pumpkin lanterns lighting up the night? It’s a maker’s paradise, and truly inspirational–check out some of my photos of Blazes past (all photos by Natalie Zaman). Everything you see is made of pumpkins, some (properly labeled) art pumpkins, some au natural

Borg cube, or jack in the box?
Borg cube, or jack in the box?
Pumpkin scarecrow!
Pumpkin scarecrow!
Fiery pumpkin dragon!
Fiery pumpkin dragon!
Pumpkin time!
Pumpkin time!
What's Halloween without witches?
What’s Halloween without witches?

Of course, this isn’t the only pumpkin display around. Check out these links to find farms and festivals, pumpkin patches and eerie events across the country to get your pumpkin on!

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Fodor’s Favorite Pumpkin Festivals (pumpkins, yes, but more interaction!)

Fun and FREE Halloween Events–thanks, National Geographic!

Where do you get your pumpkin fix? Please share your favorite sites and events in the comments! Happy Halloween!

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