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Crypton Placemat Challenge
Double-sided Crypton placemat. Photo: Maryann Goldman.

I admit it, I’m a placemat addict. I have a placemat for every holiday, season, month, and occasion that you can think of. I love changing out my kitchen table accents frequently, and the next tablescape is always on my mind! I’m always looking for new, exciting placemats at local thrift stores or department stores.

Placemat Collection
Placemat collection. Photo: Maryann Goldman.
Array of Placemats
Array of placemats. Photo: Maryann Goldman.

What I don’t enjoy about my placemats is actually letting my family use them. Seriously! I cringe as my family eats barbecue chicken. I wait for someone to miss their mouth, knock over their milk glass, or set their dirty silverware down to the side of their plate. Not messing up Mom’s placemats has turned pretty serious, as family members resort to various techniques to protect them. Some turn their placemats upside down (at least the stain will be on the back) or grab a hand towel to put on top of them. What good is a placemat that you can’t even see?!?

My luck at washing stains off placemats isn’t so good, either. Oftentimes, the oily mess won’t come off even though I pretreat. Other times, the placemat fabrics aren’t as washable as I’d like, and the placemats wrinkle or shrink. There’s just no winning, and having a table that stays looking as nice as the day I set it up eludes me.

When the people at Crypton gave me the opportunity to sample their placemats, I became an eager tester along with my family. Their motto, “Live Beautifully. Live Clean®,” was exactly what I was looking for!

Crypton Placemat Challenge
Stylish Crypton placemat. Photo: Maryann Goldman.

I already had my St. Patrick’s Day tablescape set up, and I quickly swapped out my green striped placemats for their ultra nice green suede ones. What a perfect match! All the Crypton placemats are reversible, and there’s a beautiful blue color on the other side of mine.

Crypton Placemat Challenge BBQ Sauce
Oops, I dropped it! Photo: Maryann Goldman.

I was challenged (#LifeOnCrypton) to mess up the placemats and test how easy they were to clean. I had an eager volunteer tester who was only too happy to make a mess with his barbecue sauce! The only thing better than dropping that chicken drumstick the first time was all the retakes.

The easy part was making the mess, but how did the clean up go? Great! Crypton offers several options for cleaning their fabric. Busy moms can spot-clean their Crypton placemats using a spray bottle containing water and a small amount of liquid fabric detergent. Spray on the cleaner and rub gently with a soft brush. For bigger messes, throw them in the washing machine!

I found that a small squirt of Dawn Platinum Erasing Dish Foam on a soft toothbrush worked well for me. After brushing in the detergent, I simply put that part of the placemat under the kitchen faucet and watched the stain and foam wash away. Pat dry with a clean towel.

Crypton Fabrics aren’t just for your table, either. They also make fabrics for furniture and bedding. Even your dog can have a Crypton bed!

Like what you see? Want to give them a try? Crypton is offering 10 percent off their placemats through May 1, 2015, if you use “Placemat” as the promo code when checking out.

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