Migraine Image courtesy of Pexels.com

Migraines Suck – Get A Cryohelmet

Migraine Image Pexels.com, used under Creative Commons license
Migraine Image Pexels.com, used under Creative Commons license

Migraines are one of my weekly struggles. I get them after panic attacks, when the weather changes, or whenever stress hits me hard. In the past, I’ve used frozen veggies as a makeshift ice pack to ease the pain, but that always left me with soggy beans. I needed something more fitting for my head with the same cooling effect of frozen veggies or a bag of ice. Enter the Cryohelmet.

The Cryohelmet is the best thing to come out of my freezer since Toaster Strudels with extra icing.

Basically, it’s a machine-washable neoprene shell lined with ice packs. It fits on your head like an ice-cool soft glove and covers from your forehead to behind your head, and around your neck.

Cryohelmet Image courtesy of Cryohelmet

Cryohelmet Image Dakster Sullivan (1)
Does this helmet make my head look big? Image: Dakster Sullivan

What I like about the Cryohelmet (other than it cuts my migraine time down by a lot) is that the ice packs are removable, which means you can focus the cold where the pain is. If you’re the type that needs it on for more than the ice packs last, you can purchase extras to swap out.

Cryohelmet Image Dakster Sullivan (2)
What is on the inside? Image: Dakster Sullivan

Cryohelmet Image Dakster Sullivan (3)
Removable ice packs! Image: Dakster Sullivan

At first, it can feel a bit heavy for something you’re putting on your already pounding head, but the cool factor makes you forget about that pretty quickly. I’ve gotten to the point I can actually lie down with mine on.

The only downside I’ve found is that after freezing it overnight, it gets a bit too chilly for me. An easy fix is to line the helmet with a thin shirt and then remove the lining when the chill starts to die down (hence the blue thing on my head in the picture above).

The Cryohelmet is not just for migraines, though. It was designed to help ease the pain from head injuries in general.

Got a concussion? This will help with that as well.

Nauseous? It eased mine off.

How long is long enough? The Cryohelmet experts have not found any negative effects from long term use. They actually suggest you wear it for no less than 30 minutes at a time, up to however long it stays cold for you. I live in Florida, so my helmet lasts me about 40 minutes in a warm office; at home, I get a bit more time out of it.

Compared with a frozen bag of veggies, hard ice cubes in a baggy, or any of the other ice-pack methods I’ve tried, the Cryohelmet wins hands down. The cost can feel a bit steep for some at $119, but if you get frequent head pain and need relief, in my opinion, the cost is well worth it.

The Cryohelmet is available on Cryohelmet’s website and comes in adult and youth sizes starting at $119 plus shipping.

Disclaimer: GeekMom received a review unit. The Cryohelmet is not a substitute for medical attention. If you experience prolonged head pain, talk to your doctor.

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