Raising a Mini Geek

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Raising Your Geek
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Are you raising an adorable geek? Regardless of whether you are a GeekMom or a GeekDad, raising a smart little peanut who can fix your computer while quoting all the best lines from Spaceballs can present some unique challenges. Mini geeks can be a bit intense, especially when discussing their favorite fantasy worlds. They can seem weird, or anti-social, or oddly adult-like to folks looking into their fascinating, imaginative lives from the outside.

Those adults who try to herd the mini geek into “typical” activities may find the charming smile replaced with a blank (or is it disgusted?) stare. There is nothing sadder than a child who withdraws because he feels misunderstood. The key to successfully navigating the obstacles of childhood lies in showing your child that you and she are on the same team. Rather than attempting to urge her into a mold meant for someone else, the successful geek parent celebrates the enchanting, inimitable spark that makes his child extraordinary.

Presented here are a few important tips to make sure your own mini geek grows up feeling deeply understood, and learns to love his own special quirks.

Care and Feeding of Your Favorite Geek

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