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My five-year-old daughter Ella and I reviewed Candylicious Edible Bubbles yesterday. She was really thrilled to taste and try out the new toy. With summer here, we are always looking for new things to take to play dates. Edible bubbles, I mean what better way to treat your friends to a little Willy Wonka-like magic?

Candylicious Bubbles
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Our Candylicious kit came with 20 ounces of grape flavoring. It is even kosher! Bubble solutions can often be messy, but I can report that this was easy to pour and handle. All I had to do is tear open the package and add it to the Bubble Wand. This wand was something we had never seen before. The “Bubble Ninja” character on top has a big pink tongue that, when squeezed, pops out. Much like Ella, he was excited to taste the bubbles. This was a big hit with her. She could easily blow bubbles and was delighted to try to pop them mid-air with her our tongue. I got to taste the bubbles and am delighted to report they are yummy, tasting a bit like grape soda or a grape popsicle. There was no problem with any stains or spills. We even tried them out inside with a friend.

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Our home has  several different bubble wands and devices, and we use them almost daily. This new edible style has become number one on her list of things to do. New Candylicious flavors have already been requested. I found that cherry, tutti frutti, bubble gum, and strawberry pineapple are available at our local Toys”R”Us or right on their website. Price for a starter kit is $5.99. A refill of the solution is $3.99. There is even a Candylicious bubble machine available for $14.99.

Such a cool twist on childhood tradition. This will be my new go-to gift for birthday parties all year.

Thank you to the folks at Little Kids Inc. for providing us with not one but two sample starter kits.

Here are the facts from the web page. 

Each Candylicious Bubbles pouch comes with 20 mL of edible bubble solution and a bubble wand. Available in four delicious flavors – cherry, grape, bubble gum, and tutti frutti. Great for party favors!

1.       Where are Candylicious Bubbles™ Made?

Candylicious Bubbles are made in the USA .  Toys are made of food grade plastic in China.

2.       Are Candylicious Bubbles safe?

Yes. The solution is non-toxic and meets all CPSC safety standards.

The ingredients used are found in the production of foods found in the marketplace.

Ingredients are free of the eight major food allergens and gluten.  However, the product is packaged in a facility that also handles dairy, wheat, eggs, and soy.

 3.       Are Candylicious Bubbles FDA approved?

While products such as Candylicious are not subject to pre-approval by the FDA, the company has taken steps to ensure it is regulatory compliant, being manufactured pursuant to Good Manufacturing Practices and making sure the label and labeling is compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

4.       Do Candylicious bubbles expire?

 Candylicious bubbles will have an expiration date of two years noted on the package.

5.       Can solution be stored after opening

 Storage is not recommended for best use.

6.       Does the bubble solution need to be refrigerated?

 No, Candylicious Bubbles work best at room temperature.

7.       Are there any special care requirements for the machine?

The machine is designed so that consumers will be able to remove the solution reservoir and wands to wash in warm soapy water between uses. Please see Instruction Sheet for any further questions.

8.       Does it stain?

Candylicious Bubbles may stain certain fabrics i.e. silks, rayons.

9.       What type of sweetener is used?

Sucralose – this is a common sweetener found in gum, candy.  Sucralose is also known as Splenda®

10.   Is it Kosher?

Yes,  Candylicious Bubbles are certified Kosher and Pareve, for year-round use, excluding Passover.


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