Celebrate ‘The Force Awakens’ with a Force-Filled Party

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Party Like A Trooper!  Image: Dakster Sullivan
Party Like A Trooper! Image: Dakster Sullivan

The release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Blue-Ray / DVD / Digital HD is a cause for celebration in my house. But how does one celebrate the hottest movie release of the year? With a party fit for a Pinterest board all its own.

When it comes to the food, there is an entire book of Star Wars recipes that would go great with this movie. My personal favorites are Yoda Soda, Lightsaber Ice Pops, Clone Trooper Cakes, and TIE Fighter Ties. If you can get your mitts on a bag of pop chips, those are a great muncher for while the movie is going.

What is a party without games? Remember when you would play cops and robbers as a kid? How about we mix it up and play Stormtroopers and Traitors? Grab a few NERF guns, couple of lightsabers and watch the fun make itself. Depending on your Stormtrooper’s aim, you may want to pick up a few masks for protection (and make sure your child knows that it’s Vader that makes the funny breathing noises, not Kylo).

For the ones who prefer the action figure route, grab a Tokadana Encounter Action Figure pack with Rey, Finn, BB8, and Maz Kanata. To get the full Tokadana experience, though, you should also grab a TR-8R figure. He was the rising star of that part of the movie after all.

After everyone has had their munchies and gotten out all their giggles and wiggles, it’s time for the main event. Turn down the lights, turn off your phones, and let the force take you to a galaxy far far away.

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How are you and your family celebrating the release of the BlueRay? Dressing in up your Rebel or First Order finest? Are you throwing a viewing party of your own? Tell us your plans in the comments.

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