Review: Eric & Leon Pen Holder… and More!

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Imagine my surprise when I got a package in the mail with an item I hadn’t ordered. Indeed, I received a pair of Eric & Leon Pen Loop Traveler Notebook Leather Pen Holders with Stainless Steel Clips to review. Now, I don’t know if the senders read my Cult of Personality post, but as a purse owner, I tend not to have trouble keeping a pen handy. In fact, I tend to have an excess of pens handy, so I wondered instead how else this product could help me in my day to day life. I decided to spend some time carrying them around wherever I went to see where inspiration would strike (I got a two-pack, and they’re nice and small so are rather portable). And here’s what I came up with so far:

And that’s just for starters! The possibilities are endless. They’re relatively cheap ($8.19 for a pair of them on Amazon, discounted from their $17 list price) and come with either black or brown leather loops (you know, whatever matches your chopsticks better). So? Any other suggestions how I could use these?

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