Discovery of Witches Giveaway


The fantasy novel A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness, reviewed by GeekMom at its release, has become a major international success. The story follows an academic who specializes in the history of science. Her research leads her to an enchanted alchemical manuscript so powerful that it may spark a war between witches, vampires, and daemons. To keep the peace, she must use her own witches’ skills and accept the help of a powerful vampire whose long past echoes the history she’s been studying.

This book is the first in a series called the All Souls Trilogy. Warner Brothers acquired screen rights to the entire trilogy. The second book, Shadow of Night, is due out next summer.

Now A Discovery of Witches is coming out in paperback. We have a copy to give one lucky GeekMom reader. To enter, leave a comment by December 17 on this post telling us what historical era you’d like to visit with a wealthy and mysterious vampire. We’ll pick one random winner from our commenters. 


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33 thoughts on “Discovery of Witches Giveaway

  1. I’d like visit colonial America and see what really happened to the Roanoke Colony. Maybe I’d see my vampire “convert” all the colonists and realize that my quest to solve the mystery actually caused it in the first place. lol

  2. I would enjoy visiting Victorian England with my vampire, but could it be steampunk, too 😉

    I really enjoyed the book (and would enjoy owning it!), hated that I have to wait for the next one!

  3. I would want to visit Spain and Morocco during the occupation of Andalus by the Moors in the Umayyad dynasty.

  4. I would choose Post-Colonial America. My vampire and I would be early New England lighthouse keepers! 😉 Thanks!

  5. I woud visit Babylon in Mesopotamia, during the Assyrian empire. I would love to see the magnificence of the city, how they managed everything, how they lived, the science, the religion, the rituals… An amazing widnow into history…

  6. I would want to visit Seattle during the nineties. I know it isn’t centuries ago, but I was a little kid during the nineties and unable to experience the Grunge movement.

  7. I would travel the US in the 1940s. I love the styles back then and would love to learn to Mend and Make do like they did back then.

  8. I would also like to go to Ancient Rome…would love to hear Latin spoken aloud! Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. Can I go forward instead of back? I’d love to visit several hundred years into the future, preferably a colony on another planet.

  10. I would like to visit the Elizabethan era Europe. It would be interested to see what it was like for the other nations as rise of the British Empire.

  11. I can’t WAIT to read the next book! Got my Granddaughter hooked as well! Keeps asking WHEN next ones coming! Nice love story without all the crap!

  12. I would love to visit new orleans during the 18th century. With the old plantation, the big dress…

  13. It would be cool to be guests at the Inn in Bethlehem at the time Jesus was born. Seasonal + Vampire= Fun!

  14. I would love to visit america in the 1940’s. Although it was a tough time for our country, women had a strong developing roll. Not to mention I would have loved to learn how to swing dance and wear my hair in pin curls. Thanks!!

  15. even though it’s been “done”, Regency England. But I’m a sucker for that. Plus, nobody would blink if he didn’t get up before dinner! 🙂

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