I Am Sock Groot!

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Make a little sock Groot and make a raccoon happy! All images by Lisa Kay Tate.
Make a little sock Groot and make a raccoon happy! All images by Lisa Kay Tate.

In honor of Arbor Day, here’s an easy DIY created by the fierce and fuzzy protector of planets, Rocket Raccoon (as told to GeekMom Lisa Tate).

Okay, everyone, listen up! Long before all you hippy dippy tree huggers* created that stinky environmental love-in called Earth Day, a nature-loving pioneer named J. Sterling Morton proposed a day to plant trees, shrubs, and other green things around the community in the 1800s. The first Arbor Day was observed in Nebraska in 1874, but didn’t become a legal holiday until at least ten years later.

Today, this observance is held the last weekend in April, encouraging people to get out and plant a tree or two… or several!

I’m a raccoon, so I’m partial to trees, but there’s one, in particular I think we all love. That’s right, my buddy, Groot. Just in case you can’t get out and plant a tree this spring or summer, here’s a cute and cuddly one you can make with an old pair of brown socks. Kids can make this! It’s that easy.

Rocket's very detailed guide for cutting your Sock Groot.
Rocket’s very detailed guide for cutting your Sock Groot.

You’ll need:

  • One pair wool brown socks (I can’t stress this enough, make sure they’re clean)
  • Two plain black buttons (Groot’s gotta see)
  • Stuffing (I think they call this stuff polyester fiberfill)
  • A few green beads (to make leaves and other such green goodness)

Refer to the incredibly amazing diagram I’ve painstakingly illustrated for you, and cut your socks to create the arms and legs.

Now, BEFORE, you turn the arms and leg inside out, make sure to sew a straight stitch across the top of the head, and along the ends of the, where the ankles and wrists might be. You know, kind of like a cute wooden Franken-Groot. (Again, you really should be referring to that diagram, it took me a good 10 minutes to put together for you ingrates).

The next step is just like a standard sock monkey. But, who wants to make those stinky banana-gorging tree-squatters? Turn the body and arms inside out sew up the sides (leaving a small place to add your stuffing, of course). I’d point out where, but this is a family-friendly site, I’ve been informed. I just say “where his legs come together.”

The next logical step is to stuff that puppy (or tree), and sew on his arms. Then, sew on his eyes, and use a piece of dark yarn or thread to give him a big, stupid (I mean adorable) mouth.

Cut the shapes, sew on the limbs, give him a face. Easy peasy!

Finally, cut the little flaps left over on the ends of the arms, legs, and head to give him some twiggy fingers, toes, and hair.

Sew a few green beads and/or felt on his twiggy areas to give him some leaves, and BOOM, you’ve got an almost lifelike Sock Groot. Give him as a gift to your favorite hippy dippy tree-hugging friend, or keep him for yourself. Hey, I’m not judging.

Even if you don’t celebrate Arbor Day, do your favorite raccoon a solid and make a Groot any time of year. There’s never not a good time to bring a new tree into the world.

* The opinions given in this DIY are those of Rocket’s and Rocket’s alone and do not necessarily reflect those of the GeekDad or GeekMom community as a whole. Our apologies to any monkeys or apes who might have been offended.

Cut little strips in Groot's "head and fingers," then add a few beads to give him some "leaves."
Cut little strips in Groot’s “head and fingers,” then add a few beads to give him some “leaves.”
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