Nothing Says "I Love You Mom" Like a Pink Cadillac

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Cadillac Celebrates Teddy Bridgewater and Rose Murphy
Image: Cadillac

Most of us get flowers, breakfast in bed, and cute handmade cards for Mother’s Day, but football player Teddy Bridgewater bought his mom a shiny pink 2015 Cadillac Escalade.

The timing is perfect for the holiday, but technically he’s fulfilling a promise he made to his Mom when he was just a little three-year-old boy. He promised his Mom that, someday, he’d buy her a pink Cadillac and he was finally able to follow through and deliver on that promise.

Bridgewater just finished a successful stint as the star quarterback for the University of Louisville and will soon be moving on to the NFL. In fact, he’s expected to be be a first-round pick in today’s NFL Draft. He figured that now was the time.

The reason for the color has a lot to do with his Mom, Rose Murphy. She’s a breast cancer survivor who raised four children and served as an inspiration to Bridgewater and his whole team at the University of Louisville. Spike Lee even made a short film chronicling their story.

Bridgewater presented the Cadillac, in a shade of pink that he custom chose just for his Mom, in New York yesterday.

You might not be getting a custom pink Cadillac on Mother’s Day, but even in the case of this gift, it’s the thought behind it that make it special. I know I’ll love whatever my kids get for me just as much, if not more than, a new car.


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