CleverPet is Like Simon for Your Dog

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Fido can get in the game, via CleverPet. Image courtesy of Kickstarter.

A dog’s life is mostly walks, scratches, and a few squeaky toys. As awesome as it sounds to some, it can be kind of boring. Your busy day leaves the dog with a lot of free time, which can lead to torn couch pillows, curtains, and trash bags. Enter CleverPet.

CleverPet is an upcoming WiFi-enabled device that’s designed to educate and entertain your dog. (Although, cat people are certainly invited to try this at home.) More accurately, it’s like a Simon-fueled treat dispenser.

The company behind CleverPet describes the device as a “learning console.” Not only will dogs learn that interacting with CleverPet will yield treats, but the device also adapts to each dog’s behavior. In other words, the more your pet is willing to play, the harder it will be to score some of those delicious treats.

Users can control the device and keep track of Fido’s progress through an app or other web-enabled device. After all, like any other gaming console, you may want to monitor the amount of playtime.

CleverPet does start out slow, providing treats when the dog is willing to push buttons. However, after a while, the dog needs to respond to lit buttons to get the goods. CleverPet promises to never get too difficult, though, so you shouldn’t expect to come home to find a half-chewed CleverPet next to a sleeping dog.

That’s a good thing too, seeing as CleverPet isn’t exactly cheap. What gaming device is? Currently, CleverPet is seeking funding on Kickstarter, with an early bird price of $159. At retail, it’s expected to sell for about $120 above that. It’s definitely a little pricey for a treat-related toy, but could translate into savings, depending on how your dog typically spends his or her free time. (Socks, shoes, purses, toys—what’s his/her pleasure?)

At last peek, CleverPet was about halfway through its $100,000 Kickstarter goal. The campaign is will run through Monday, June 2, 2014. Just don’t expect your precious pooch to get instant gratification; initial CleverPet orders won’t ship until February 2015.

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