Catch Spring Fever With Curious George Swings Into Spring

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Curious George Swings Into Spring premieres on PBS Kids on Monday, April 22, and there’s no better way to celebrate Earth Day than with your preschooler’s favorite monkey.

In this hour-long movie, George embraces the colorful days of spring with glee. Even The Man with the Yellow Hat joins in the fun, catching “spring fever” as they frolic together in the grass. As they romp around the sunny park accompanied by the first of a number of upbeat songs, your preschooler is sure to get off the couch and join in the revelry. Sunshine! Flowers! Warm days are back again!

George’s dachshund pal Hundley, however, isn’t interested in any of that – he just wants to keep things tidy and suspects George will find some way to make a springtime mess. When Hundley finds himself taken on an unexpected adventure in the country with Curious George, the monkey tries his best to help his friend let loose and enjoy the season.

The songs are the highlights of the movie, and the contagiously fun “Doxie Dance” elicited squeals of delight from my four-year-old. “This is a fun song – we should watch it again!” she proclaimed.

If springtime where you live is more April showers than May flowers, Curious George Swings Into Spring brings some much needed sunshine and energy into your home on a rainy day.

Looking for more Earth Day and springtime activities with George? Visit the PBS Kids web site for more Curious George themed projects like playing a game to learn about recycling or building a bird feeder with your preschooler.

Curious George Swings Into Spring airs on PBS Kids on April 22 and is now available on DVD.

A promotional screener was provided for review purposes.

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